Living a Physical Labor Lifestyle

Living a Physical Labor Lifestyle

I grew up in a family where my mom and dad earned a living as physical
labors. My dad a truck driver furniture mover my mom a packer for the
moving company. Everything I grew up around was around being physical.

Earning a living as a physical laborer is not easy physically or mentally yet
many want to look down on the men and women that actually make the lives
of white collar workers easier.

If you think about a physical lifestyle you can imagine the body as well as the
mind can and will get fatigued from overuse.  The white collar worker becomes
more mentally fatigued but will become physically fatigued from lack of exercise.

But, there are a lot of misinformed people when it comes to building a strong
mind and body foundation. Not all men and women that work in a labor type
environment have to do this type of work but choose to do labor type of work.

But the physical and mental toughness a manual labor job will build can be
incredible using the body day in and day out to support a family knowing
that if you get hurt or tired you still have to work. Most white collar workers
can do their job in traction.

But the thought that the only way to build strength is by lifting heavy weights
is not absolutely correct. Certain sports or competitions require the lifting of
heavy weights for a couple of second’s total. This strength usually will not
transfer to anything that requires strength for longer periods of time.

The man that bench presses 400 lbs probably can’t do 100 pushups and
the reason the 400lb bench press takes a few seconds 100 pushups require
more time and a longer period of time to complete.

I also here that people that work labor jobs are old and beat up before their
time. Most laborers don’t take care of themselves. Laborers are drinkers and
many are smokers and eat fast foods and drink sugary drinks, typically living
what I call a “dirty lifestyle”.

I have trained and worked as a laborer for over 30 years and eat healthy, don’t
smoke or take drugs or eat any fast food and drink only water and some decaf
green tea and no longer workout with heavyweights or traditional weights and
continue to make gains.

I have noticed watching and being a manual laborer the majority of things they
move or lift whether pushing or pulling majority of the time is light to moderate
weight that is unbalanced and very awkward and on occasions heavier weights
will and can be lifted even though these men don’t lift traditional weights but are
strong from a constant using of the body day in and day out.

Life time strength is built from years of using the body and not the traditional
resting more than actual training philosophy. We need “Conditioned Strength”
not five second strength.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. johnny you said it right n bodyweight workout is much better than lifting weights

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