Living a Super-charged life

Why are so many people lacking energy? Here are a few reasons.

#1. Not eating enough natural foods.
#2. No exercise or enough exercise.
#3. Not enough water.
#4. No Goals.
#5. Lack of focus.
#6. Stress.
#7. Negative people.

You may think you are eating well or drinking enough water or exercising
enough. Are you? Or are you just fooling yourself. Maybe you don’t have
any worth while goals. Are you stressed from day to day activities such
as dealing with family, work or money?

You will find that most people that lack energy are people that have
a boring unfulfilled life or no goals. If getting up in the morning doesn’t
excite you and you feel you have to,you will feel no energy going through
the same old thing everyday.

I think we all need to be about something. We spend to much time thinking
about the bad then the good and this brings on a lot of bad stress that will
usually produce bad results.

One of the biggest problems as we don’t consume enough water.
Everything living thing needs water. If you don’t believe me
think about how important water is. Water is #2 on the list
 water sustains life without it your dead, air being #1 and
food # 3. Would you ever think about not breathing? Or not eating?

If you eat natural foods, drink plenty of water,exercise set yourself
goals stay away from the negative you will enjoy life.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube

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