Looking The Other Way As Society Crumbles Shows Your Lack Of Balls!

A lot of people live in the land of make believe, and think that by letting society further crumble, by looking the other way as morals and values of old school traditions deteriorate, is somehow a negative
outlook on life.

We are in this situation because the so called “strong men” have remained silent, like the social justice warriors say “silence is violence”. 

I was reading an article talking about how vasectomies’ have increased since the overturning of Roe v Wade as if it really matters that a bunch of emotional sissies sterilize themselves, it’s a win for society when weak emotional men who can’t get laid decide not to breed.

It always comes down to people taking responsibility and being accountable for their actions. Problem is that society is intentionally making people mentally and physically ill with the constant push to further
erode morals and values that built the greatest country.

Turn on the any media and you will see normal people being bullied into buying into their sick life destroying agenda.

People like me fight for old values and old school traditions but we are called haters because we just won’t sit back and watch society further crumble.

It might be better off if I embraced every sick fuck, every criminal, every mentally ill person trying to destroy my way of life and the life of my grandkids.

You want to take drugs, stick needles in your arm and kill yourself, have at it.
Want to look the other way as an old lady is beat over the head for her pocketbook, be my guest.

Want to watch a women be sexually assaulted on public transportation and video it instead of helping, you need to live with that.

Looking away only makes it worse, calling out scumbags when it impacts your life is your responsibility. 

Toughen Up!

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