Making Excuses Is NOT Taking Responsibility!

To many people blame others or other things as to the reason for their situation in life. 

If you are a man and married and are abusive because you drink to much and your wife leaves you and you now have child support to pay, it’s not your wife’s fault your paying child support, it’s your fault for not controlling your booze intake.

If your job sucks and you stay, it’s your fault, not the economy, good business are always looking for great work ethic.

If you are looking for another job because you don’t see your family and are offered another good job and the other job will eventually pay you more money, BUT you can’t take a two dollar pay cut to change jobs, you have more of a problem with your finances.

If you are fat it’s because you made bad food choices for months probably your entire life you have eaten like shit.

If you don’t have time to get things done during the day or at night it’s probably because you are distracted by social media, or to much tv.

If you live in a bad economic area, make a plan to relocate,  immigrants find ways to tough it out and find better lives in America.

People who earn less money have bad habits that cost money, smoking, booze, drugs, eating junk food, drinking soda, cable tv, the newest iPhone, clean up these habits and start reading nonfiction books.

Remember, its all your fault!





  1. A. Calderon says

    Wow couldn’t agree more. Welfare, drug use and narcissism are 3 things that are running rampant these days. I live in a good neighborhood in dallas but I’ve also seen the ghetto and dangerous “hoods” of this city. I even grew up in the hood until we were finally able to move out of that shit hole. And yes many immigrants cross the border to get shit done! If you visit any construction site here in texas you will notice there are almost zero whites or blacks. I’ve also noticed that most of the homeless people in my are….BLACK!

  2. A. Calderon says

    Check this video out. Skip to 2:30

  3. A. Calderon says

    I know you’re from Pennsylvania so you’ve probably seen this

  4. I’m actually from NJ lived there until 39 years old right next to Camden one of the most dangerous city in America.

    I was actually about 10 minutes across the bridge from those dangerous areas was a tractor trailer driver in those area’s.

    Now I live 4 hours away from that shit.

  5. I have no problem with people coming to America for a better life, as long as they love America, and work for what they get.

  6. A. Calderon says

    My mother was always grateful for America and she always hated the illegals who cross the border while yelling “fuck americans”. When my father first got here he used to be a drunk and got deported twice. After his last deportation he realized he had to quit that habit and so he did. My family loves America and we have pledged allegiance to the USA.

  7. Hello Johnny,
    what books have you been reading lately- whats on the shelf?
    you recommended Discipline is Freedom (J. Willinks)- this has been a great addition to my library.
    Any other recommendations?
    Much appreciated in advance.

  8. I believe you come to America for a better life you should be an American. Booze is bad, I have seen many lives destroyed by it, I haven’t drank in over 25 years. Not because I had a drinking problem, I just decided it had no value.

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