Male Ego Training

Johnny Grube as a  Pro Wrestler  (On left arms folded across chest wearing funny pants)

Male Ego Training

 What is ego training for men? Look around; go into any
gym open any fitness magazine and you will see what
I call Ego Training. Ego Training is training that feeds the
male ego but the ego is more about looks it’s about how
big they look in the summer wearing a tank top and I know
because it took me a long time many years to shake this
type of Ego Training and I can honestly say that I never
realized it until I decided to shake the extra mass and
live more lean and athletic.

It wasn’t easy going from 240 lbs to 155 lbs considering
I intentional put almost 100 lbs after high school through
massive amounts of food and spending massive amounts
of money on weight gain, food and supplements.

Training heavy with weights and at 240 lbs I was massive at
5’7” shaved head and goat tee people wouldn’t even walk on
the same side of the street as me.

This look fed my Ego, but what people didn’t know as big
and strong I was I was lacking a lot in the way of real health
and fitness.

Other than walking down the street and scaring woman and
children I was limited to what I could do. I could lift and move
almost anything as long as it wasn’t for long periods of time.

I always felt tired and really never had energy and my body
was always sore and I had a lot of injuries and the injuries
usually came for lifting as much as possible whenever possible
and that was to feed my Ego.

Years later after a 85lb weight loss and at 155lbs I’m considered
small and if you try and explain why you decided to get leaner and
healthier most men don’t understand. I still have an ego but now
it’s not how big my arms are or how much I can lift it’s how athletic
I am and how my body can and will respond to any situation I need
it in, I know it won’t let me down.

I always thought I would grow old being a garage gorilla training heavy
throwing around the rusted iron but it just wouldn’t work long term with
a physical labor lifestyle I look to the future and how will I be able to get
around and the years of pounding heavy weights to me wasn’t worth it.

So I’ll stick with what I call “Conditioned Strength” strength for real situations,
strength that will save your life.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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