Man Is An Aggressive Animal By Nature

Like it or not man is born WILD! Men have always been born to grow into protectors
and providers. Boys grow into men through constant pain from adversity, they build
strength and toughness playing hard. Boys and men like to fight and wrestle, they
like to compete, they like to pick heavy things up, they like to run and climb. They love
an adventure.

There isn’t a little boy that doesn’t like to fight and wrestle around!

The normal man prefers to eat others than to be eaten; with the ABNORMAL
man it is other wise, He is of the mob – he sheepishly obeys public opinion – he
is one of the FLOCK
– Ragnar Redbeard-

Boys and men have always been a physical animal!

Boys are born little fucking savages they don’t know the word quit, they are head strong
and do what ever to get what they want, and then society grabs hold and they are trained
into neutered little  weaklings. Hell, society will not allow any ROUGH HOUSING
in schools because it is to barbaric!

Men are controlled better by other strong men, women have a tough time controlling
young men who are prone to more aggressive behavior than women. There are occasions
that a woman can control a WILDMAN.

A woman that can control a feral beast is usually a savage beast herself.

Women want a strong man that can protect, provide and reproduce.

¬†“these masculine men often embody the Dark Triad, a personality constellation that
encompasses Machiavellianism, psychopathy , and narcissism. So, what in the world
is appealing about these objectionable individuals? Quite simply, they possess
high-quality genes that they will pass down to their future children.

But society is telling men to not be masculine, they are telling them to shirk their fatherly
duties. They want men to be controlled by the weakness that society is and has been
creating; to make and break the strong masculine man down.

Think for a minute, the man that sits behind the desk all day in a feminine environment,
he is stifled by the politics of that environment; a man can’t act like a man!

If you spend most of your day around weak effeminate men and women, something
is going to break. Either you become weaker and become one of the weaklings
physically and mentally;

or you grab one of these little soft bitches and throw them
through a fucking door.

Because today these little queers figure they have all the power and can do and say
what ever they want because they know most will not call them on their faggot

A real man needs an outlet, which is usually some fucking hard training
where he can be the aggressive fucking man he is supposed to be,
he needs to get the
stink of weakness off him!

But, most men will remain weak suppressing their manly urges going home where they
ARE NOT the kings of their castle, being pushed around by a stronger woman, how
fucking pathetic!

Strength seeks Strength

Johnny Grube


  1. This reminds me of my last day at a daycare.
    My parents split when I was seven and my sister was four. My father took custody of us, but my mom had us every other weekend and over the summer.
    A few years passed and my mom still wouldn’t let us stay at home while her and my step-dad were at work. It was the right decision, as I was getting into all kinds of trouble, but daycare at my age was embarrassing. There were a lot of kids who followed my lead. And one other who was my age. He was a slovenly turd, my height, but much heavier. He was disliked by the younger boys and seemed to blame me for his apparent uncoolness.
    One day the turd brought a new handheld video game that operated by looking into it like binoculars. This game was intriguing to the kids. The turd wouldn’t allow anyone to look inside or play the game. This went on for a bit and the turd enjoyed his attention. I asked turd to give one of the boys a look inside to satisfy his curiosity and he refused.
    I berated him with words. I had been “civilized” enough to not just take it, but my words were sharp and cut him well. So well that he lost control and intentionally spit in my face! I let loose at that moment, rage that flipped over the table between us, grabbed his frozen frightened frame, lifted him in the air and body slammed him into the cubbies were jackets and book bags were hung. The cubbies collapsed, he screamed, the kids cheered and the teachers gasped while pointing to the exit. I was expelled. The women “in charge” there knew they really weren’t while I was there.
    That next day, I started my new job roofing houses for my step-dad. I have had a job regularly ever since.

  2. That’s Savage as hell, I wish I had that type of strength.

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