Man’s Weakness Through Lack Of Manual Labor


Society want men in jobs where men are easily controlled,
jobs that build weakness through, sitting and no physical
activity and through their agendas of political correctness.

These environments slowly wear a man down, he becomes
soft physically and mentally, he loses anything that resembles testosterone, and its replaced by estrogen!

Men might go in resembling a man, but soon start to take
form of a fat women, with belly, sagging boobs, is easily
offended and emotional, and has no energy, they start to
support social agendas that men would NEVER support!

Men are slowly being transformed with all the physical
and mental characteristics of a women.

Society knows a weak man is easily controlled, they can
only accomplish their mission of the emasculation of man
by getting men to support their social agendas of feminism
and political correctness through changing and transforming
men physically then mentally!

Physical men have a physical attitude, are more self reliant,
are stubborn in their thinking, will not change their thoughts
until they feel they have enough information, they hate being
told what to do, they need physical activity, physical confrontations, they hate sitting, they have the signs of ADHD, they know they can’t conquer anything sitting all day, they look at women like men are supposed to, “the would or would I not mount them”!

Men have big brass balls, and are supposed to be in competition
with life, building it bigger and stronger!

Society hates these men! Don’t be one of these men!

Be a FUCKING man! Get physical, stay physical, bitch slap some one, get confrontational with people, bring
man back to the side of the strong!

In Strength We Trust!

Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew stone says

    I have worked a physically demanding job for 25 years.
    At 53 I could outwork my 23 year old self.
    Weight training did not help as much as bodyweight training and isometrics.
    At 53 I still have an aggressive attitude to training and life.
    I am self employed as I hate being told what to do!
    I do not actually think I could function in today’s modern workplace.

  2. Inspiration only for the badass.

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