Manual Labor Is Natural To Man

Men avoid most lifting outside the gym. More men go to the gym, take supplements, read everything, trying to boost testosterone yet men have have lower testosterone than ever before.

More knowledge, more time, more supplements and more gym training seem to have made men weaker.

Men think putting on unnatural weight is going to improve their life but it will cause them to be lower in testosterone and have more injuries.

The body is not made to carry unhealthy body fat.

Lifting one hour a day, six days a week is not natural. The body was made to do physical daily activities, throughout the day.

I never miss a chance to lift something I find outdoors.

I have lifted chunks of concrete I found in a truck stop, dead lifted one end of a pipe I found for 50 reps that really conditions the body. I have grabbed a rock I found in the park and did 100 pick up and curled it like a manual labor job.

Nothing is off limits, it’s real life. Men need to bring back what made men strong. Constant daily manual labor.

Durability is built over years, most gym guys spend more time complaining about injury, but because they juice and are heavily muscled automatically makes them bad ass.

I have seen many guys with strong gym lifts fail miserably in a hot trailer unloading truck loads of freight.

Strong in the gym is their safe space, outside the gym is different.

Manual labor is looked down on as stupid work, but sit down work is educated work.

Who will stay stronger a man who moves daily or a man who sits and rarely moves?

Manual labor is natural to man!

Manual labor is a toughness builder, tired or injuries you better get ready for work!

You take off, you make others pick up your slack, and that will cause lost of respect if you become a regular offender.

Men don’t want to hear your fucking excuses!

Johnny Grube


  1. Great post.
    Your website and writings have really helped me, thank you.
    Truth is truth.

  2. Nice!

  3. Spot on Johnny Grube!

    That is why the word MAN is in manual labor.

    I am able to do the push up hold and the horse stance, for 10 mins each. I even think about going further into holding them longer.

  4. Nicholas Hobson says

    If everybody thought like you there would be a hell of a lot less overweight people in this world. Everybody would eat healthier and be more active.

  5. @Marovsky

    Right on brother

  6. Digging, chopping, carrying, dragging. I have re introduced this into my life, and am in better shape than ever!!!!
    Thank you Grube.

  7. Nice! Manual labor keeps a man strong and capable.

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