Manual Labor Keeps A Man Strong And Capable.

Let The Strongest Live, And The Vilest Die!


Since I started working at the age of 12 I always preferred manual labor. I remember in grade school just being aggressive and physical, and loving anything physical.

I am wired different. I was raised to be strong and not a crying bitch.

I make my daily life manual labor active.

One thing I do is cut my grass wearing a weight vest, back pack or ankle weights, sometimes all three.

The most I used to cut the grass for close to an hour is wearing an extra 110 lbs, and it’s tough.

I used one 20 lb vest, two 40 lb vests and 10 lb ankle weights!

Ankle weights are a killer!

In the book “Rock, Iron, Steel The Book of Strength” by strong man Steve Justa a life long manual laborer he writes about wearing a 200 lb weight vest and walking two miles in 50 minutes and that it was one of the toughest things he has ever done.

He also wrote ” It took every ounce of willpower, strength, intestinal fortitude, and a bad attitude I could muster up to carry 200 lbs two miles without a rest”

Steve Justa weighed around 360 -380 lbs but think around the time he carried the 200 lb weight vest he weighed at least 300 lbs or more.

Steve Justa is a strong man who used 100 lb LESS than he weighed.

I used 110 lbs about 45 lbs less my weight of 155 lbs. And know I could walk two miles with a 155 lbs extra on my body, but it would be tough.

Why did I use Steve Justa as an example?

Because he was a big name among strong men, he also worked manual labor jobs, and I look to the best to gage my level to the average man.

Milo of Croton walked the stadium carrying a full grown bull.

Nero’s army marched carrying 145 lbs of gear while the average soldier weighed 145 lbs.

Carrying things keep a man strong, it keeps a man uncomfortable, daily physical labor will keep a man’s testosterone levels high.

Strong men are useful, weak males are a disease!

Johnny Grube


  1. yesterdays “rest”day was walking with 20 kg in a backpack on uneven terrain, up and down, doing push up holds, pull ups, squats, etc.
    great day to spend a sunday afternoon!

  2. Hell yeah!!!!

  3. Everything is just way better at the end of the day after manual labor . Your shower , feels better , meal taste better , sex is better etc.. Manual Labor for the win ! Another awesome article John .

    Two more weeks or less until my daughter is born . I can’t wait !

  4. @Johnny:
    would you mind to share your most favourite exercises? just out of curiosity…

  5. I have no favorites anymore. I like playing with rocks, and carrying extra weight. I guess my two favorite if I had to pick, the Ab wheel and weighted step ups.

  6. Thanks.
    Good choice.

  7. @Johnny Grube

    My daughter was born today 9/20/18 at 3:10pm it is also mine and my wife’s birthday today as well . Greatest Birthday gift of our lives

  8. Wow, Chuck! Congratulations to you and your wife.

  9. @Bob

    Thanks Bob . Much appreciated

  10. Congrats brother to you and your wife. There birthdays same day, wow! My youngest shares my birthday.

    Now the real training starts.

  11. @Chuck

    Congrats brother!!

  12. @Johnny Uribe

    Thanks brother

  13. @Marovsky

    Thanks brother

  14. Hopefully a new article or even a book is coming soon that would be great stuff

  15. “Nazi looking white guy cuts grass at 8 am in the morning on a Sunday carrying something which looks like a bomb-vest”

    CNN went to the home of Nazi to ask him if he wants to kill people.

    Arriving at the Nazis house the white man in the Youtube video came out and pulled our truck into the river nearby.

    CNN tried to rescue the truck but they failed and fleed on foot to start working on their “THE NAZIS ARE BACK” documentary.

    Johnnys channel exploded to 10000 subscribers in just a week and now white males all over the world are mowing their lawns with weighted vests.

  16. This is exactly why I want to get out of my office job and get some kind of job that involves physical labor. I’m just nervous about making such a big change. It’s also why I’m eager to get my own house and get out of this apartment, because I don’t even have to do basic stuff like mow the lawn or rake leaves. Which sounds great, but I actually want to have to go out and do things like that… I’m going crazy from being so comfortable.

  17. WhiteMaleSurvival, my neighbor did ask if it was a bomb! I think the idiot was serious!

    Love your blog!

  18. It keeps people away from me.

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