Manual Labor Strength, Toughness & Durability

Strength comes in many forms, the most natural way in my opinion is the way man was meant to exercise, with daily physical labor.

My training ideas have changed over the years, from hard core gym training, to training in solitude, from lifting heavy weights, to bodyweight training, to the most basic training with least amount of training equipment.

If you dont get sucked into the “Gym Culture” of heavy bench presses, and big arms, which besides looking good are mostly useless outside the gym, in real world situations.

There are other ways to build strength, toughness and durability without the traditional training methods!

I’m not saying not to go the gym, or train heavy, that is up too you, I guess if your job is sitting behind a desk or working in a gym it doesn’t matter. But being a manual laborer, being big, and strong did little to help me in my job, because of constant injury, and soreness. It’s not easy to earn a living with your body, if it is always sore and beaten up unnecessarily.

If heavy lifting was the right way, most wouldn’t be injured as much as they are, the body was meant to be durable over the years, everyday with little rest, NOT injured, injuries are common; but being hurt all the time is unnatural!

Think about a policeman or firemen who should be in top physical condition, doing heavy leg training, and having to chase someone down, or carry someone out of a building, it would be tough if you have a tough time moving!

I trained so hard that it was not uncommon for me to have a tough time walking for DAYS!

It was FUCKING useless!

With the loss of testosterone in today’s man, I wonder with all the training in the gym, and supplements, how can men’s testosterone be getting lower,¬†when men who NEVER spent time in the gym had higher levels?

The “Gym Culture” will blame everything else for men’s drop in testosterone instead of maybe looking at the training method.

Thirty years ago you rarely seen a heavily muscled man working manual labor, yet the testosterone levels of men were higher, despite drinking, smoking and eating regular foods.

Think about the tough, strong durable man years ago, and look at the men today, big fucking difference in overall body strength, or what I call “Conditioned Strength” durability, toughness and a “FUCK YOU” attitude

Man was NOT meant to train standing in place, isolating muscles, or sitting all day!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    I hear that brother. Manual labor is for real men. Very good point on how low testosterone is despite all these supplements and heavy training plans. I remember my uncles back then, drink, smoke working their asses off on railroad’s and freight trains and they had insane strength and condition. And they were banging broads by the load. Never a testosterone issues. To them there was no such thing. Working hard and would still come home from work and work in the house on things that need to be fixed etc.. Yet people work in booths all day long or at desks for 8 hours (remind you my uncle was doing 15hrs on many occasions ) and are always claiming they’re exhausted when they get home. It is a dam shame to hear a man whine when he barely did shit all day. Great post John. Keep them coming I’m loving it

  2. What the actual fuck? Men’s still had higher testosterone levels even when smoking and drinking? BODYWEIGHT TRAINING AND MANUAL LABOR FOR THE WIN!!!

  3. Marovsky, yup!

  4. That’s how you know, all these supplements gym rats buy isn’t gonna help at all. In fact, I bet their testosterone levels are going DOWN the more they treat their bodies with artificial protein. But people who stick to high rep training and manual labor are the ones who have even high testosterone than the “strongest bodybuilder in the world.”

  5. BrooklynChuck says


    Very well said

  6. Jason Villanueva says

    You state nothing but truth brother

  7. Thanks!

  8. Amen, Johnny! It’s taken me a lifetime, but I’m finally gravitating to manual labor!

  9. Yes, it is true. I come from farmers. I’ve never been bulky with muscles, but I can endure 10-15 hours of work (with some breaks) with little issue. Yes, I am often sore and have accumulated many injuries. None of that would keep me down for long, however. The funny thing is, when I transitioned to the construction industry, the work actually became a lazy relief.

    Now, I have gone to the gym before. I did powerlifting for a time. Well, the weights were very heavy and I needed to take rests often. In the world of manual labour, gyms are largely useless. All in context, though.

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