Manual Labor Workout – Strength and Conditioning in One

This was a father and son type challenge. It was testing our
strength and conditioning, neither one of has ever done the
workout before. We used a 50 to 70 yard hill, an 80 lb
heavy bag and 55 lb DB’s for farmer walks.

Actually the last time I used a dumbell was to move them out
of my way, so I guess close to 20 years no dumbell use.

I thought carrying the 55lb DB’s up the hill were going to be a
struggle, I wasn’t sure if I could even make the trip without
losing the DB’s.

So we both did this for 2 brutal rounds for a total of 8 times.
but I carried the 80lb bag and the 55’s down the hill to start
the workout and had to carry them back up the hill, so I did
3 trips a total of 12 times.

A lot of people think something so simple could NOT possibly
be tough, the ones that say that RARELY train.

I practice useful training, old school manual labor training, not
the pretty boy comb, my hair and dress up to go to the gym

Real FUCKING training, for the violent world around us!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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