Mass Mindset Builds Weak Men

Why do I write blogs? I have no idea. I don’t get any pleasure from writing. Maybe some do, I don’t!

I prefer solitude.

I don’t look for friends, I don’t need to have a guys night out.

Occasionally when I go back to New Jersey, I will stop in see a friend, we sit there talking, no booze or I go to my other buddies,  we hang in his garage, breaking balls and laughing.

I have a problem, I don’t have much of a filter when I speak, it turns a lot of people off.

I’m fine until people engage me in conversation, than they find out that this might have been wrong.

I call people out and things like I see it. I get called a racist and a bigot!

Facts are racist! Intolerant is being a bigot!

Speaking your mind and opinions destroy weak men!

I run across more fragile minded men, easily offended than I thought possible.

Men who need other men to thrive on a daily basis are usually more weak minded, they are weaker, they look for strength from other men.

Obviously the military or team sports require more than one man to work together, I’m talking about day to day affairs.

The mass mindset is like the cult “Cross Fit” these men and women thrive on others, they thrive with a mass mind set!

They are zombies. That comment alone will infuriate a mass mind set!

Vegans are another warp minded bunch of people.

These sick minded zombies preach animal protection while threatening human life!

Men that think booze is a good thing are often men who have a problem with reality.

If you need booze to cope, you are a loser!

The solitary mind set is a mind set of free thinking!

I follow no one line of thinking!

I find what works for me and use it, when it stops working I change it.

I’m strong enough to know when I’m wrong, when I fucked up, or when I need to change.

I compare myself to no man, I only compare myself to me.

Me and my family are all that matter to me, nothing else matters, I want to make my family proud, I don’t give a fuck what a social media zombie says or thinks!

Men who give other people power, lose and get weaker!

Do the right things, speak up and you will be judged more harsh, than the losers of society, because people love comparing themselves to losers, it makes them feel good!

Do the right thing people will hate you, they will hold contempt for you,  people hate  winners!

People that hate winners will always be losers, they will be the fat men sitting on the couch screaming at the tv when the ref blows a call.

Don’t forget about the guy that gets drunk because the football team he supports wins the superbowl!

The mass mindset is a disease!

The mass mindset is crippling all men who are afraid to live with a solitary mind set!

The mass mindset builds weakness, the solitary mindset builds strength!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    HAHA like the fucked up religion, Christianity!

  2. Fuck weak fucking men !!! Thanks for writing tho brother trust me it’s much appreciated

  3. Good on you John. I love reading your posts. I too have developed a hatred for the masses.

    I really do hate the public and society in general. I look around at these people and say with confidence ” None of them train as hard as I do. None of them push their bodies to the limit everyday.”

    I hate the fact some people need the company of others to be happy. I don’t. I love solitude. I love my solitude training. I find that I have nothing in common with most people.I don’t want to wtch someone else play sport or exercise. I do it myself.

  4. @Paul

    Very well said

  5. Yes I love being alone , it’s the only time I’m truly happy. The only company I ever want is a book
    I do not allow myself to be judged by the weak and stupid. Except in the sense that if I piss people off then I know I’m doing it right.

  6. Marovsky says

    Working out alone is all I need, fuck the “experts” who would waste their repulsive breath to tell me “no reps, you need to go all the way up and down, bad form.” Honestly, who the fuck cares? All that matters is that I put in hard work in my workouts, I am not working out for the “working out perfectly” award!

  7. @Marovsky

    Well said bro

  8. Glen MacCharles says

    I eliminate more and more people from my life all the time. I might not even call my mom today.

  9. Hahaha, Glen you are fucking funny!

  10. Marovsky, no exercise awards are given out for the best form!

  11. Marovsky says

    @Johnny Grube

    Exactly, fitness for the average has been downgraded only for vanity and gaining popularity in social media. Where actually it’s for those who want to work hard in blood and sweat!!

  12. Well Johnny you might not know why you write blogs but all I can say is I’m very glad you do.

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