Men Are As Weak As Society Dictates!

In the past men had to be strong or die, the weak had to be protected or die.

Men didn’t need a gym in harsh times, just living built physical and mental toughness.

Today’s man is basically a man brought up on Christian values, and I believe some are good and others bad, I am not a religious guy, I tried it, it didn’t work for me.

The life of hypocrisy that most religiously people live is not for me.

I believe a man should be a civilized wildman, be able to live in society as a man of honor, but be able to become uncivilized when needed.

We are becoming softer, we are told what and how to think, we are taught what masculinity is by unmasculine people who run our cities, states and government.

There was a time men took pride in manual labor, I’m personally proud of my blue collar life, their is a physical and mental toughness that comes with the territory.

People look down on blue collar work as beneath them, in reality it is a life to tough for fragile men to survive in!

If I push around 660 lbs at work with a hand truck, how is that not keeping me strong?

Ancient men were strong from walking, fighting and carrying weighted objects over rugged terrain miles a day.

And every man who has a labor job works hard, I only care that I stay physical day in and day out, I know I have never collected workmans comp, never been laid off, and work way more than 50 to 60 hours a week over 30 years of non stop work.

Durability is key.

As far as labor I have done a little of everything, from roofing, wall building, ditch digging, using jackhammers, tree work, dock work etc.

As long as I stay physical it’s all I want.

Whether people find my work easy or not doesn’t matter to me.

The reason I make these videos is to show men it doesn’t take a gym to make a man, it takes hard work outside the gym living a life men were supposed to live, a physical demanding life.

The gym is filled with oversized weight lifters who think being 50 to 100 lbs over their natural bodyweight is what man is, or guys that spend more time in front of a mirror than their girlfriends taking “AB” selfies is what a man is, again effective in the gym, ineffective outside the gym.

This is from over 30 years in a blue collar environment I know what most men are capable of from my experience.

Like it or not, scream, disagree, throw a “mantrum” most men are physically unable in today’s time.

Men are as weak as society dictates, safe times equal weaker men!

Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew Stone says

    Hi John

    I have performed manual labour for forty years and there is no doubt it will keep you fit if you combine it with a good diet and a lack of smoking and drinking.
    My mother in law employs a gardener and he is 82.
    He cuts grass and trims trees all day without a break.
    He even eats his lunch standing up!
    He would put most 20 year old guys to shame.
    He is very friendly but you can tell that if some one messed with him he would throw a punch!


  2. Men have truly lost their way . It is fucking sad what is going on out there . Thank God for men like you who pull the card of these weak bastards. No one has the guts to pull their card . Just look all over the internet, either everyone is following the trends and or showing sympathy. No one is doing what you’re doing . Keep exposing these Dickless bastards for the pitiful souls they are .

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