Men Are Fighters, Protectors and Providers

Like it or not, fight it if you will, but if you are a man that
is physically weak because of weakness are you really a man?

Forever men have been the fighters, the hunters the protectors
and providers! But society has tried and give men a pass
and are trying to convince them men don’t have to be strong,
the can be weak and effeminate, well society is fucked up!

If you are a weak man, you know you are a weak man and
should really be ashamed. Men like it or not are STRONG!

And even if you have a physical disability you can still have
mental toughness, men do what they have to in order to
be strong, it is an obligation to be strong!

Jogging is not a man builder, it’s a man destroyer because
it doesn’t build physical strength and who wants to built like
a 12 year old girl!

In nature it has always been” Only the strong survive” so
what gives you the right to be protected by the strong if you
decide to be weak?

Maybe the ones that can do something and don’t should be left
to defend for themselves!

Strong people have less social issues and mental illness like
anxiety and depression, these men probably have these issues
because they know they are weak!

Go the fuck outside, go lift a rock, swim in a lake, hike a mountain
cross a stream, split fire wood, wrestle, hit a heavy bag do something
that is manly!

If you can’t provide for yourself you are probably fat and weak
and probably make excuses as to why you are NOT a man, and
please don’t act like one, because everyone knows you are just
in disguise!

Oh yeah men should spend less time watching sports and try
playing a sport! Wear your own name on your back not another

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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