Men Are Fucked!

Society is fucked and weak.

Strength comes from years of overcoming adversity.

Most men think if you take MMA or Jiu Jitsu you are a bad mutha, but most are still pussies.

Look at the oppressed multi millionaire black football players who are whinny little boys disguised in a man’s body!

I know a ton of ex military men who are weak physically and mentally and who never seen battle.

Look at any man who trains with heavy weights or trains in a martial art, they ALL do more competing in who is hurt more.

I grew up in the gym and in marital arts and old school men NEVER complained about the pain or injuries they had, they just trained.

Maybe because I grew up seeing toughness, durability and strength in men who never stepped in the gym or who took a martial art.

Basically, men would rather play the victim then suck it up.

~Strength ~


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