Men Are NOT As Strong As They Think!

Most men are so fucking delusional when it comes to their overall physical fitness and strength, or what I call “Conditioned Strength” that they are either just stupid,or lying!

Every guy will swear they are a fucking beast but what I see in real environments in the real world dealing with men who work blue collar work, in a co ed office, even men that work at gyms are fucking fooling themselves.

How do you know the way you train is useful outside the gym?

I have seen so many fail outside the gym, real strong men, who lose their strength after one minute, they are easily injured from tripping over a rug and wrecking their knee or hurting their back moving their living room couch that their wife probably already moved twenty five times without the help of her so called protector without her hurting her back!

Men like to think they’re wild and barbarian like because they go to the gym slam weights and growl like an animal, strut in front of the mirror, they feel like are in the jungle, but are actually in their safe space.

It’s always the guys with the big numbers in the gym, the overweight, the juice heads who scare other men in their safe space, because they are HUGE!

I would rather be able to fight and wrestle than have a big bench press.

Most men have nothing to fight for today, most men today who spend all day bulking up looking at themselves in the mirror aren’t even procreating.

In history, before gyms strong men had offspring.

Yes, men would fight, fuck and procreate.

Most men today talk about fighting, watch porn, and have no kids.

Today so called strong men would rather compliment other guys on their looks and clothes, and that’s fucking gay!

A guy who can deadlift 400 lbs thinks he could easily pick up a 200 lb stone, he has no idea it’s completely fucking different.

Johnny Grube and Rock Lifting

Lifting a rock as an example no bar to grab, lower to the ground, awkward, unbalanced etc.

Now lift it and carry it, it is much harder than lifting it once with a bar.

Carrying and holding a rock is also isometric training.

Be old school, train like a man, train for survival and protecting your family.

Just another rant.

Johnny Grube


  1. All I know is that doing all those high reps and some isometrics, it made a difference for me being able to shovel for almost an hour. Parts of my forearms and both of my biceps are sore from the intense manual labor lol. The snow mixed with water made shoveling extra heavy. Honestly, at that day, I wanted to work longer.

  2. Lifting barbells makes you good at lifting barbells , that’s it. This is why in real world situations men get outlifted by their wives because the lady actually has to lift and carry awkward loads during her day.Guy has to bend six inches lower than he is used to , he hurts himself
    At work I have to carry all manner of onjects in a cramped overcrowded warehouse ,I have to bend and twist , sometimes down on one knee to haul stuff off the back of a low shelf, it bears no resemblance to anything in the gym.
    And I realised long ago that I could never look intimidating enough to scare off an attacker but I could be strong enough to punch his ribs into his lungs,
    Liftign and Carrying at work , isometrics , dynamic tension exercises , some bodyweight exercises for movement and reaction speed , punching the bag bare knuckle .I don’t claim to be a tough guy but I am surely a hell of a lot tougher than the gym would ever make me.

  3. Nicholas Hobson says

    If everyone in this world talked as much sense and said what they think just like you do, the world would be a better place. People wouldn’t be anywhere near as easily offended either as they would be used to hearing the truth all the time.

  4. Thanks, saying what I say has always gotten me in trouble but I won’t apologize unless I said something I didn’t mean out of anger. But will continue to say what I want to say.

  5. Rock? That’s a boulder…

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