Men Are Pussies Women Are Confused.

More men today are acting like females, actual bitches, and more women are acting like men, short hair, foul mouth and tattoos.

This is where strength and weakness comes in, women always look to strong men for protection, they are tough bitches until they need a man and expect a man who they hate to defend them. 

The effeminate men are no better, they have big mouths with weak minds and bodies and are the first to scream and look for stronger men to come to  rescue them all the time screaming toxic masculinity.

Girlie guys, metro – sexual males, and males who care more about fashion then strength, wimps!

Just think how pathetically weak and valueless you have to be to be broken down by a single word that will throw you into a state of needing drugs to keep you from losing your ever loving mentally ill mind!

I haven’t wore a mask since this bullshit political pandemic that without inflated numbers would have killed less then a good flu season, and idiots are complying because they have no guts to stand and say no!

Weaklings are willing to give up freedom for safety, I’m NOT!

No one has said anything to me for NOT wearing a mask, and its a good thing for them. 

If my mask is for me to protect YOUR health, I should be allowed to follow you around the grocery store and not allow you to buy shit food that contributes to bad health that contributes to a weak immune system!

And, most people out there wearing masks don’t care about their own health or they wouldn’t be sick and fat, so if you don’t care for your health don’t expect others to care either.

Your health and well being are NOT my responsibility, or the states or the federal government.

More die in the hospital ever year from malpractice than the political pandemic!

Be a pussy if you want, but don’t expect others to care for your health when you apparently hate yourself, which is apparent by your lifestyle!

– Strength –

Johnny Grube


  1. I dont understand these people who are killing themselves with their lifestyle but wear masks to protect from a disease which is unlikely to harm them.
    I dont know if its just short term thinking or inability to face facts

  2. Rob, Its because people have no ability to think for themselves. The attention span is nonexistent!

  3. Apparently, states have authority to fine or jail people if they refuse to take the vaccine. Fuck that shit!!! Might as well prepare myself for the worst.

  4. Maxime Boucher says

    Hey I love your stuff, got your 5 minute workout book. I agree with you about the mask thing. Here near Ottawa , they force it on you before even entering the store… We gotta rise up really at this point, i hope this gov gets torn down, God Bless

  5. Maxime, thanks.

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