Men Are Supposed To Be Strong, Durable And Physical!

I often get shit about my thoughts on what a man is.

I guess I have no right or an opinion.

I guess having my first kid at 17 years old, getting custody of her when she was two years old, raising four kids, holding a job, never spending a day unemployed or laid off in 32 years in a blue collar environment, and now at 50 years old I have seven grandkids.

Men and women at 50 years old that have as many grand kids as me are usually in prison or on drugs!

When my dad decided he no longer wanted to support us financially, I was 12 years old and I went to work to help my mom my younger brother and sister.

So since the age 12 I have been protecting and providing for someone!

So, yes I earned the right!

So if you are offended by my thoughts of what a man is, fuck off!

I don’t drink, smoke, chew, or take drugs, I do curse.

I have been told you can tell a lot about a man that uses foul language, I think you can tell a lot about man that drinks booze, does drugs and or smokes.

Studies say a drink a day is good for you, who paid for the study?

People that engage to alcoholic consumption.

Booze and drugs destroy lives and families, cursing just pisses people off, it’s not even a  comparison.

Actually, when people drink they also use foul language and act like juveniles.

Drinking whether social or nightly can end up costing someone their family.

Men protect, provide, procreate.

They don’t take shit, they are not door mats, turning the other cheek might work occasionally, eventually you will become a man easily abused!

Men who turn the other cheek, who continually avoid conflict soon use the excuse they’re  mature. No, you are just a man afraid to stand up for yourself, you are still the kid that never stood up for himself.

Men are afraid to offend others with their opinions, afraid to stand, afraid to defend.

Men are supposed to be tough, durable and physical, not soft, fat, and easily offended.

So, if my view of what a man is supposed to be offends you, you are probably the type of man who will not protect or provide.

You embrace weakness, you care more about other peoples feeling more than your own, you look to be a hero through passive weakness.

A man knows when to act, when to walk away, when to stand and fight.

The weak man never acts, always walks away, and never stands to fight, they are always looking for the moral high ground.

Men are not men when they aren’t able to protect, provide and procreate, it’s what men do to build future generations.

Soy balled men are less likely to have children, or be able to protect them without the help of state stepping in!

Men should always be courteous and respectful, until it’s time not to be.

I will end at this.

Men are supposed to live strong and die strong!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    “Live strong and die strong!”

    FUCK YEAH!!! You nailed it there Grube!

  2. Good Samaritan says

    On my way home from work (sturctural welding and Iron working) i was cutting through a local dirt mall down town, after picking up dinner for my wife, she’s vegan now because of Cancer that she just got a double Mastectomy for at 35, Children isn’t an option for us anymore, as we fear the Cancer may return to other vital organs and make thisng MUCH MORE COMPLICATED in the future.

    so back to my story, as i was passing by the bank, which would be about 1/3 of the way through this guantlet of degens, i see security escorting a malcontent outside, as they’re strong arming him out he begins to lip off, saying “you aint gonna do shit to me bruh”.

    I don’t pay much attention to this as it’s a common sight in the core of the city, but then as I was about to leave the scene i see 25-30 kids (highschoolers, so 17- 19) which in canada is considered a leagal adult at 18. Rush the area of the escort attempt, and i hear a hell of a lot of hollering, so i turn to see what the commotion is,

    i get to the front of the crown and see a massive brawl attack on 4 security guards, vs 25-30 kids, 2 of them were short stocky women, look like tough moms, and 2 younger dudes, normal size, a medium contender. as i look around a the mayhem, i see EVERYONE standing and gawking with their FUCKING PHONES OUT recording the melee!!!

    CAN YOU FUCKINIG BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE? must’ve been a crowd of at least 100 ppl. fuck me.

    so i stand there and wi tness one female officer get fucking crasschecked in the back and take a running header into a planter, hitting her face on the glass wall in front of it, and her partner the other mom lookin lady take a jumping double foot kick to the chest and WHACK her head on the marble floor bhenid her!

    thats when i just calmly walked through the centre of the brawl and put my wifes’ dinner down in a safe place away from destruction, and took my lunch pail off calmly and placed it next to it, then waited for my chance to jump in this double dutch.

    when the ladies had regained their composure they were facing off with the kid that had just flattened both of them, and was trying to square off with them, shouting “fight me see what happens!!” over and over again, had his fists cockced and ready,

    so i stealthly walked up behind him gravbed him and pinned him to the floor so that the securty could arrest him, but i got swarmed by 12 of them, and got stomped and boot fucked almost as soon asa we hit the ground,

    to clarify i had him in a T style pin with me facing his back but on top if him,

    as i was being stomped i tucked in tight and tried to deflect as many blows as possible, and managaed to grab this assholes hair and cran e his head backawards and up so that he can be kicked too!

    as i stay huddled and taking blows some kid was wearing metatorso boots and was hoofing me in the side of the face, i let go of target 1 and grab his ankle, while in mid kick, and while still being boot fucked, freeing my second hand, i grab both legs and yank him to the ground,

    i begin clawing my way up his clothes as i’m being oulled by security and hit in the face by his pussy friends, i get to his shoulder and are now standing ready to attack, i wanted to tear his fucking ear off

    so to clarify, i had 1 security, (male) 1 additional bystander(male), trying to convince me of letting my IRON GRIP free off this shit whipe, 2 of hiis friends on my other hand (both males) trying to get me laet go of his cheek, because i was drawing blood as i hold on to his face,

    then some asswipe sucker punches me in the forehead/brow area (which is the hardest part of the face fuckin idiot) and cuts my forhead as i think he had a ring on… but thats the only injury i received, that and a bruise on my knee from suplexing the kid to the floor in the start of it all.

    anyways, after i got hit in the face, i let loose on the face kicking kid, gather my bag and my wifes lunch and checked th3 wound o my my brow, then began to chase after the sucker puncher,

    he and his firend were running down the street that runs along the main core street mall, to where i call out to the, “HEY, WHERE YOU GOIN??” they turn around and thik they;re going to 2 on 1 me, just after watching me take 0n 12 of them already, this time, since i know that kicking in the head is a lethal blow in street fighting law here, i pull my shop knife i had clipped inside my pants pock, it’s a 2″ knife thats duller than shit, but its still steel and still poke you real good,

    they spot my blade and trn around and book it, only to run into a police officer, then they played it wasn’t me card and told the cop i had a knife and was going to kill them, so all 3 of us were laying f ont the ground and i was able to get my side of the story in because i showed the cop my wound, as i was bleeding on my face

    as we laid on the ground, i whispered to both of them i was going to flatten them when i see them outside of this bs, then they squeaked to the cop that i jus threatened them, but she wan’t listening to them, lol

    in canada, we have the Good samaritan act; that states, if you witnesss a crime or danger happening to someone and fail to act in the manner that best improves the chances of wellbeing to the victim, you can be liable for any injuries or deaths that result as of neglegence,

    a failure to act pollicy, punnishable by jail time and fine.

    so i was excused of all wrong doings because i was acting on the good samariatan act.

    it felt good to fight again, even though everyone tells me i was lucky to get stabbed, that i didn’t even think of, i saw an unfair advantage, of 30 vs 4, wwhich is 7.5 ppl per guard, and stepped in to make it 5 vs 30 which is now only 6 per guard.

  3. marovsky says

    You sir are a badass.

    Max respect, good samaritan.

  4. Good Samaritan great stuff!

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