Men Build Strength With Weighted Carrying and Dragging

I strapped my body weight of 165 lbs to my body on a 25 lb back pack a 40 lb
weight vest two 10 lb ankle weights and shouldered an 80 lb heavy bag while
dragging a 70 lb sled up a slight incline.

This type of  workout will test what you have physically and mentally. This is a
manual labor style workout and I will out work 99.9% men when it comes to
labor work!

These are workouts that make training fun and real world worthy. Fuck training
that will never help.  Try moving around a man who trains this way, he will be
almost immovable. Gym strength is often not transferable in the real world no
matter what people that train in the gym tell you.

Thee guys flipping tires in the gym act like they are doing something only they
can do until someone like me walks up who hasn’t been in a gym in 20 years
flips their tire. Although I would load and unload trailers full of truck tires in
my younger days and would do multiple trailers a day.

My lifestyle allows me to train and stay strong outside the gym, it keeps my
body durable after 35 years of training and working as a laborer.

Try it sometime, see how fast training like this kicks your ass!

Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube



  1. no irony:
    this is good work. unlike some of your workouts this one looks really hard.

    don´t you get bored to train like you work? its like doing the same thing twice, but the second time is during your free time.
    i am just asking, no offense.

  2. What the hell happened to the bodyweight work? You sure as hell looked a lot leaner Johmny when you were doing the epic 8 from your 5 minute workouts.

  3. I’ve been following your posts, books, etc for years. The truth is bodyweight exercise is great for conditioning but does little for strength or mass. You need to add additional resistance through weight. Heavy bags, barbells, kettlebellls, Dumbbells, whatever. The body doesn’t know the difference. Extra weight is just extra resistance. Yet in previous posts you say weights broke your body down and once you changed to bodyweight only your body healed and you felt stronger and better then ever.. Why the change of heart?

  4. Todd, Things change I still do bodyweight training but things change and
    so do lifestyles. I have been a laborer for 35 years and I’m always looking
    for the most efficient training for myself, as long as I can still do the
    things I need to I’m fine.

    If I can deadlift 135 lbs 505 times in 1 hour never doing before what does
    it matter whether I am lifting heavy weight? Figure 135 lbs 505 times is
    picking up 68,175 lbs or you can pick up 300 lbs 225 times or 400 lbs 175
    times or 500 lbs 138 times do you know anyone who can move that type of
    weight? For that many reps?

    I am looking to make men as strong and conditioned as possible without
    basic weights.

    As far as being leaner I never ever said people need a 6 pack of abs
    and I never cared extremely low body fat is unnatrual eat healthy add
    or lose weight for your goals.

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