Men Can’t Find A Good Women, Because You Aren’t A Good Man

Men today aren’t good strong men!

With all the men telling other men about what a good women does or is, my question is what the fuck are you going to do for her?

If you want a good women you better be and perform like a superman!

 The only men that don’t want sex are fat outta shape limp dick men, emasculated vegetarian marathon runners who want to save the world for their cats!
I actual heard a guy say “a good women takes care of you when you are sick and buys you gifts”!
What man is that weak that he needs his women to take care of him?
Real men RARELY get sick!
As far as buying you a gift, what like a toe ring to go with your faggot flip flops and skinny jeans?
Most men are withered from the waist down!
If your wife and kids don’t look at you like superman you are fucking up, and your wife and kids are probably wearing a sports jersey with another mans name on it!
I put my wife on a pedestal she deserves putting up with for 25 years, she has earned it, being my opinionated, loud obnoxious
wife, and raised four kids, so to me she deserves to be on a pedestal!
Men need to stop acting like tough guys, if you are missing work and calling off all the time, looking for sympathy, your wife will start to lose respect for you, your constant sickness which is mental weakness or faked injuries.
Miss a lot of work and now someone else has to pull your weight, and now you lose respect from your co workers for being a weak sissy, and if it’s no big deal you missing work, and you don’t care about others picking up your slack, you have no fucking pride and you must not be valuable by your employer!
Anyhow, men can’t find a good women because men aren’t good men today, they are weak, pathetic feel entitled, think a 35 hour work week should be enough hours to work, video game playing victims!
Want a good women, be a good strong man, who will do anything for his family, including dying!
So if you make excuses about not finding a good women it’s because you are not strong enough in womens eyes, you are not a good strong man!
Johnny Grube


  1. Funny thing is, the majority think that Christianity will help them get through their weakness….BULLSHIT!

  2. @Marovsky

    You nailed it with that one. Christian men are among the weakest men I’ve ever seen

  3. @Chuck

    Christians are taught that weakness is strength. They actually take PRIDE in their weaknesses. So what does that mean? Christianity is for the weak, the “god” loves weakness. He hates our strengths. He might even fear us because of our strengths. Just like what the “Might Is Right” book says “Jesus – the true prince of evil”.

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