Men Have Fucked UP!

I will start writing again on a regular basis and posting videos.

We as a society are doing everything to cripple our cities, states and country and it’s because men have given up fighting, becoming incapable fat drunks, drug taking pussies to collect a government check!

Reason given, “I have a bad back”! No fucker it’s probably your lack of movement and your huge gut!

I see how many men are pulling out of medical marijuana and liquor stories, how many men are visiting micro breweries as a sign of status, spending tons of money on things that will weaken them physically and mentally.

These men are an embarrassment to their families, their wives, kids, mothers, fathers and ancestors.

Men have been fooled into thinking being weak is strength, that women want a soft effeminate man, they don’t!

Women who want a man to show his weak side or effeminate side will almost alway have it used against him at some point in their relationship.

Women and men make fun of men who choose weakness as a way of life!

Men who wear masks are only respected by other weak mask wears, and only fat, liberal women with tattoo’s, bullrings and purple hair support these males.

I’m going to continue to push men to stay strong and fit and to have a set of balls.

Toughen The Fuck Up!

Johnny Grube



  1. Glad to see a new article , looking forward to reading more.

  2. Damn dude, it’s about time you posted again. I missed the articles. I do like the videos though. Hope all is well, take care.

  3. Thanks Matt.

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