Men Need To Be Able To Stand Their Ground!

Big Muslim Truck Driver Fucked Up!

On Wednesday morning getting ready to start my day when an over the road trucker driver decided to use our shop as a place to turn around, paying no attention to the big fucking concrete sign that says “No Turning Around”!

I noticed when they pulled in the passenger was a Muslim women.

He gets stuck, he can’t make the turn, hence the “No Turn Around” sign!

My store manager takes pictures of the truck and the trailer in case
he damages anything, than walks out to confront the driver who is a
younger big Muslim who is pissed because HE got stuck!

I’m still inside watching through the window.

The Muslim then tried to move our sign, my store manager stops him,
he then steps up in the face of the store manager in a threatening way!

And that’s when I came through the door, asking him what the fuck he thought he was doing, who the fuck he thought he was threatening?

He said I’m moving this sign! I said, the fuck you are! I told him, you seen the sign and disregarded it, now you fucked up!

He said he was trying to make a quick turn around, I said how the fuck did that work for you!

All the time calling us “Fucks”!

Then he asked why we took his picture, we told him for the police, he then said we were threatening his life! I asked how did we threaten your life?

He said cops fuck up people’s lives, they kill people!

I said to him “then don’t do anything to get shot”!

I told him he had one choice, and that was to back out the same way he came in!

He backed out the same way he came in!

A few things here.

He wasn’t expecting a 5’7 160 lb Wildman with a destroy mindset to be in waiting in the wings.

He also didn’t realize I can use the word “Fuck” more than him!

He also didn’t realize from the second he got out of his truck screaming that I was sizing him up to end a physical altercation as fast as possible!

The reason I told this story is to make sure you realize that anything can happen, and be ready.

Luckily it was only two men trying to intimidate another!

I’m wired different than most men, standing down is not the way I live my life!

Men need to be able to stand their ground!

This fired me up! I was rowdy all day long!

The testosterone level was high!

I train for a reason and it’s not to look good in front of a mirror!

Men need and need to be ready for confrontation to be men!

Always be prepared for battle!

Johnny Grube


  1. Was the muslim chick covered from head to toe in her ninja costume? I see those fuckers all the time near my girlfriend’s house. Glad you stood up to the prick. Those fuckers are used to white people being passive with them.

  2. Fuck yea ! TAKE NO SHIT FROM NO ONE !!!! Would’ve got the religion knocked out his ass had he fucked with the wildman . Happy Thanksgiving brother

  3. When these fuckers are losing face they always come out with stupid shit like saying you were threatening his life. With any luck next time he fucks up the cops really will shoot him
    Anyway you handled it well , bet you did a really savage workout that evening !!

  4. That Muslim sounded like a typical weakling who cried out “why you threatening me” where in fact he’s the problem.

  5. The fey boys of my pathetic generation should use you as their collective goal to emulate. Thank you for being the Dad we all need.

  6. Thanks!

  7. I was rowdy all day!

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