Men Need To Earn Respect!

All men should want respect through earning respect, not given respect just because you are a man!

Weak men want respect given without earning, strong men know respect is earned and live their life as fucking men, NOT weak entitled effeminate men!

Men who demand respect without earning are the bottom feeders, the unemployed, the men that take care of their needs before the needs of their family, the guys that sit home while their fat overweight, tattooed girlfriend goes to work for minimum wage so she can buy him his lack of smokes and a six pack are men that should be eliminated!

Men that work 30 hours a week and complain they don’t make enough money are pathetic losers! Ever hear of getting a second job and work another twenty or thirty hours a week, like a real man would?

These men should be ridiculed, bullied, and shown no mercy, and treated as the bottom feeders they are!


” I will not calm down, I’m here to raise hell and break things”

I hate men that are capable that refuse to take responsibility, if you get offended, good! You’re a pussy! And only another weak man would respect you!

You want respect fucking earn it!

Johnny Grube


  1. Controversy makes the world go around . These people that think being quiet and polite all the time is the way are fucking sadly misinformed. And I agree on the computer wars, shit is fucking pointless. Either debate / argue face to face or don’t say shit at all . Only a faggot will be offended by a video or a post and take the time to comment on it with pathetic words. Real men show respect and real men if they have a problem would never type the problem down . Great video and post as always John. Keep them coming .

  2. Anger feels good. I love this rush in my blood, as this pulse urges me to go berserk, and just beat a motherfucker up. Seems like men lost their taste in fighting.

  3. Some of them.

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