Men Need To Have An Uncivilized Mind!

Did I grow up in some alternate universe?

I can’t believe there are men who are actually made to feel bad about being a man!

I don’t even know what the fuck that means!

There are men who actually feel bad about being men, who are these men listening to?

I’m really confused!

Becoming a man starts as a boy, you do things boys do and you grow into a capable man.

An example, my 3 year grandson goes fishing with me and his dad, just yesterday my grandson and his dad were shooting birds with a BB gun, they shot a dove, ripped off the breast, put it in the fridge to eat later.

I remember the beatings my mom would dish out with the belt and buckle, she would rip into us, me and my brother would make as little noise as possible, trying to show our mom our toughness, then we would compare welts, and buckle knots, it sucked then, but funny now!

I can tell stories of beatings and domestic violence all day long, but that’s not the point of this post.

I just never remember men ever complaining about injuries, or a sucky life, they just kept on trucking.

I listen to such weakness, I’m starting to think that I might be to hard nosed for society, I’m serious.

Men need to get near some uncivilized men, men that will never budge on what society offers up!

I live with a very uncivilized mindset, I don’t go along with the masses, I have my own beliefs and how I would like to handle weakness in society!

I was raised to be partially uncivilized,  I had to be, there is to much pain being civilized all the time!

Men are supposed to carry themselves with honor and confidence, strength and courage, without those things you lose your identity as a man!

Tap in to the uncivilized mind!

Johnny Grube



  2. Living the wildman life!!!

  3. Glen MacCharles says

    Weakness is disgusting. A luxury I’m glad I never could afford.

  4. @Glen

    Well said brother

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