Men Need To Train Today’s Boy’s IntoTomorrows Men!

My blogs are not for everyone.

Occasionally, men get offended at my take of what a man should be from my experience over the last 50 years of life.

I have never been someone who followed the heard, whether in grade school, high school or on the job, I said what I thought needed said.

It’s none of my business what others think about me.

So when I talk about what a man should or shouldn’t be, it’s my opinion, it’s what I want my son and grandsons to be.

I always looked up to men who took no shit, whether it was a teacher, coach, Karate Instructor, policeman etc.

Men who took no shit, got my respect, men who were door mats got no respect.

My grandson who’s 3 years old spends a lot time with me because we live two miles from each other.

He is not a mammas boy, he chooses to spend time with his dad or his pop.

I take him to parks and hikes and he learns valuable lessons in these parks from other kids.

My grandson is a big kid around 56 lbs, and people think he is older.

Parents in these parks, a lot of them are overweight smokers who play on their phone instead of watching their kids.

One instance my grandson was trying to go down the slide while a girl around six or seven decided she wasn’t going to get off the slide, I asked her to get off the slide, she refused.

I sent the almost 60 lb wrecking ball down the slide, knocking the girl on her ass!

It didn’t bother me in the least. Why? Because her fat ass, smoking mother wasn’t watching her child!

My grandson will not think transgender are normal, he will know homosexuality is unnatural and to not support either lifestyles.

Society is trying to weaken boys through drugs, and bullshit diagnose’s, in the name of destroying a male dominated society.

My grandson fishes, eats game meat, and just ate his first dove, that him and his dad shot.

He likes working around the house, digging in the dirt and carrying rocks.

He spent all day spread mulch with me yesterday, and actually worked.

We teach him how to fight and wrestle, and to have fun outside!

Kids need early labor, to get strong, and to learn a work ethic, men can only become men spending time with other men, doing manly things.

Weak kids become weak men, with weak men comes a weak society.

Johnny Grube


  1. Keep kicking ass Grube!

  2. Fuck yea ! The ruthless is all that’s ever inspired me

  3. That’s the way John. Having a strong mind is missing in todays people. If you have a strong and focused mind, the body will follow. The right attitude is the starting point. Through that, everything else changes.

  4. @Johnny Grube

    Hey John just came from the doctors today with my wife we’re having a GIRL ! She’s 100% healthy. Brain , heart, kidneys , spine etc.. all healthy. I am beyond happy

  5. Congratulations to you and your wife, Chuck. Johnny, as you say, it is all about the family. Kids need guidance, set by example of their parents, to learn to be independent and take care of themselves in life.

  6. Marovsky says


    I wish you the best with your wife and daughter brother.

  7. @Bob

    Thank you brother it’s deeply appreciated

  8. @Marovsky

    Thank you brother it’s deeply appreciated

  9. Congrats Brother! I have 3 grown girls, and it was brutal!

    I love my girls, when they are young they are great, when they become teenagers, watch out, lol

  10. @Johnny Grube

    Thanks brother it’s much appreciated . Everyone has told me the same of when they become teenagers lol

  11. It’s good to hear that your telling your grandson the truth about these tranny and homo freaks. I feel bad for most of these kids now a days.

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