Men That Curse Are More Trusty Worthy!

I FUCKING curse! And I like it! My whole life has been in a manual labor environment, and we curse!  I get it, it is not useful and even sounds bad at times. 

I try not to curse around women I don’t know, and don’t use it around other people’s kids. Unless the women is a dumb bitch then she is fair game!

So why am I posting about cursing? Because of how other people view others who curse freely, as if they have been raised with no morals, ethics and are disrespectful people!

I actually gave up swearing for a long time, but I fucking hated it!

I find people that curse, are more passionate, more honest and are not holding back, you know where you stand!

A person who always hold their tongue never finish their thoughts they are not being upfront, they are non confrontational, and think they are morally better and ethically better, all the time being emotionally beat up!

The non swearing people usually have anxiety, they drink and are on some medication for not being able to cope with daily life!

I personally haven’t drank alcohol in over 22 years, no smoking about 25 years and no illegal drugs, almost 30 years, I take NO prescription drugs for any physical or psychological ailments!

It doesn’t come from lack of control, it’s just I like it! And as far as lacking control think about that while you’re getting drunk, over eating, lighting up your last cigarette for the 100th time who is really lacking control!

People that smoke, drink and do drugs lie to themselves everyday, telling themselves how good they are, how moral they are, how they can stop when ever they want  even though they live a life of constant mental turmoil!

I proved I can quit swearing, because I did, but decided if cursing is my worst habit, it doesn’t affect my life, like mind altering booze and drugs, for made up symptoms to cope, I don’t need to stop!

So all you smoking, drinking, drug taking, religious, morally ethical people, think for a minute, who is probably the ethical one!

So Fuck it, and enjoy your worthless day!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    FUCK YEA!!!!!!!

  2. fuck you you fuckin fuck 😉

    no, seriously:

  3. Now that is the fucking truth. Cussing feels so fucking good, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! Men who don’t fuckin curse are fucking weak and are fucking scared of the shitty rules of society because they are fuckin taught “cursing is unprofessional”. FUCK THAT!!! Even the most professional person will curse his ass off.

    Cursing is fun. FUCK YEAH!!!

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