Men That Look The Other Way Are Of Less Value.

I said it before and I will say it again, if YOU wear a mask because you are afraid of confrontation or what someone might say, or are just plain afraid you are a pussy! 

Men today would rather video a crime than actually help. A women was raped on a train in Philadelphia no one helped they just videoed the crime, not one person helped the women! 

If this happened years ago the rapist would have been beaten, and at the next stop the men in the neighborhood would have dragged the body away!

People say I’m weak because I pay attention to the decay of society and call men out on their lifestyle of weakness, and
because of these weak men our society is falling into decay. 

A weak man has no more value to a strong society than a criminal who prey’s on others. Weakness is crime!

Remember we live in times where criminals are held in high regards, while men that stand for good are quickly
judged as the plague in society.



  1. Society is in terminal decline when criminals are seen as victims. Almost every time someone is arrested for murder , the ifirst thing we hear is the killer had mental health problems, as if that is an excuse .I can see it coming that murder is only a crime if the dead person is a member of a privileged group , otherwise it’s just a mental illness

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