Men Today Are Almost Apologetic

Society  is creating men who are  ineffective who are afraid to say what they really mean, weak men, even men that have podcasts about masculinity are so apoligetic in their approach that its almost like its more important to be gentlemen than a wildman, i fucking disagree! These guys write and talk about masculinity are now lifting taking martial arts yet still have never been in a fight outside in the real world, few have woked a labor job, most come from white collar back grounds trying to enter a world they wont be part of!

I know men hate to hear this but not all men need to laid back and stoic, I FUCKING hate stoic, the saying goes be aware of the quite man, fuck him! I have rarely ever come across the quite guy that is ever worth worrying about, some men will decide to walk away because they know the damage they can inflict because they HAVE inflicted damage in the street, not just in a control envirnment

I dont care who i offend we probably wont be hanging out anytime soon, I hate when men talk about having humility, fuck that! Look u the deffintion I would rather be bold and brag

In the fitness culture you are supposed to be there to help people I dont care whether i help you , you can listen learn something or dismiss it and order faggot beach body dvds and workout in front of the tv like a 1980s women, i really dont care.

I grew in the labor environment I love it I love the ball busting the confrontation and all that goes with doing things that have kept men strong since the beginning of time, acting like a man, an uncivilized man

Ever wonder why guys need game to get women? Its because they dont have a presence, they arent percieved strong they dress like weak fags worying about how men dress in the newest gay male magazine! Badasses, criminals, athletes, get the women smart, quite guys are sitting home while strong men fuck your girl!

I really have different befeifs than most and it comes from my experiences andknowing that its only me that I can count on when you dont realy on others to bail you out, or others to fix your fuck ups you seem to build a more meanness and toughness about you you have less sympathy for others, you arent bullied into thinking because everyone else shows sympathy you need to also, what the fuck do I care what happens to people in africa or mexico they are not my family or friends! I dont expect to show me sympathy so dont expect me to show sympathy unless you are part of my life in some way!

Anger is somehow some negative virtue, I would rather be known as angry than a happy go lucky pussy who is trampled on every fucking day, angery , unpredictable men are left alone,and worse is an angry disiplined man!


  1. This is so fucking true ! These clowns doing these podcasts I feel do them to make their own self feel good because they know what they talk about they’re not really doing and for some weird reason today’s society loves that . Just look at social media for example . Everyone has to snap a pic of any little thing . God forbid their coffee they had this morning doesn’t make the fucking morning timeline news . Such a faggot fucking society this day and age . It really pains me.

    And the taking up martial arts and lifting is as pathetic as it looks. Yea build non useable muscle , always spar safe with head gears and guys who are rolling on mats with you at a controlled pace and watch what happens in the street when someone punches you in your fucking face . See what happens then . They can fool their self all they want with that bullshit lifting and MMA shit .when faced with real fist in their face watch how quick they melt . And I agree as well on the sympathy for all and everyone around the world. Fuck do I care . I don’t see none of them hopping the borders to help us .

    Very good article John . Keep them coming . Loving it

  2. For the part that talks about MMA, that’s why I would rather learn my skills in the streets because as John has said, no one is a trained fighter. Even the “best fighter” can still get his ass kicked by a wild punch.

  3. @Marovsky

    I agree . There’s a huge difference when someone who’s throwing fist at you bare knuckle and kicks with shoes , sneakers or boots as opposed to just feet in MMA

  4. Wild punches seem to end a lot of mma fights.

  5. Wild punches are very underrated, people have said it’s a unskillful punch. But yet still effective.

  6. Who wants to fight in the street? It’s just stupid. You sound like a schoolkid. We get it.. you done a few pushups and now everyone’s a pussy except you. How many world titles have you won champ?

  7. @Fred

    How many have you won Keyboard Warrior?

  8. @chuck I haven’t won any. But then again, I’m not claiming everyone is a pussy and I’m not so I think you’re the keyboard warrior chief.

  9. @Fred

    You don’t like what you heard in the article then go to some fag site that suits someone like you. There’s plenty out there .

  10. Sucks to be you Fred. If you didn’t the like the article in the first place, why even comment?

  11. Glen MacCharles says

    Fred wets the bed.

  12. @Glen MacCharles


    By the way, it’s a honor to hear from you Glen.

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