Men Today Are Pathetic Compared To Men Of The Past

In the last 10 years I called out of work one time.

In the last 32 years I called out less than 10 times.

Men work sick and injured.

Men of the past would never think about laying in bed with a cold. Men needed to provide for their families.

Men have gotten soft!

They expect their employer to except weakness, and pay them when they aren’t there.

Men have no pride in their job.

You choose the job, he pays you, and you act like the company owes you.

Most of today’s men couldn’t have existed in tougher times.

Do you think men in harder times called off sick?

Yeah, if they died!

Image frontiersmen taking the day off because they had a fucking cold!

Imagine one of these men staying home and sending their wife out to hunt and bring home dinner, while he tended to the kids and home.

Men can stay home now because men have gotten weaker, it’s not that women have gotten stronger.

Times change but not for men. Men carry the weight, they carry the burden, they make sure the family is provided for.

Remember without men who give the power there is no power.

Don’t be fooled into thinking men are equal.

If your wife needs to work for you, her and the kids to survive, you are not equal to a man who provides without financial assistance from his wife.

You are not equal to a man who can carry the weight of his family, but equal to your wife.

Your wife secretly resents you and doesn’t respect you, it’s why you are so hostile to other men who are strong and do the job of a man, the one you can’t live up to.

When your kids are raised by their mother, then your wife can go to work.

Keep making excuses. The only one’s listening, are other weak men.

If you are pissed and offended, who cares!

You should be ashamed because you lack old school toughness, and balls.

Strength is all that matters, weakness is always the fall of man.

Johnny Grube


  1. Great article, keep the painful truths coming.

  2. My grandpa , World War 2 veteran , worked til his dying day . Whenever he had a cold or flu never took off work . Always had money on him . Didn’t matter how many hours how many days a week he’d work it if it meant feeding his family . Great post John . The men today couldn’t come close to the men of the past . Great article

  3. Working extra hours this week and next to clear the backlog caused by men half my age who can’t get the job done.

  4. Most young men can’t handle physical labor long term, they fail mentally before physically.

  5. Chuck, Men of the past your tougher never stepping inside the gym.

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