Men Today Would Rather Follow A Sheep Than A Lion!

There is no doubt men are weak today and everyday they get weaker, more offended, more effeminate, while trying validate their choices to become more tolerant, for no other fucking reason to appease the society that has neutered them!

I offend a lot of so called men, they are thin skinned who can’t handle a different training opinion or life view that is hard!

I write about physical fitness but I speak from a different environment, a blue collar environment. Very few blue collar people actually read, or train, and white collar people are easily offended and being brainwashed by academia.

Men have lost their BALLS!

Today, so many men are taking steroids, or making excuses to get testosterone therapy instead of spending years building a physical and mental toughness, through hard fucking work.

If you are offended, it’s because it’s you I’m talking about.

The “Red Pill” movement is nothing more than one time weak, non getting laid man who thought by following the other sheep in society they would thrive, and found out they became a little more feminine!

Men today would rather follow a sheep than follow a lion, sheep keep their heads down, while the lion takes what ever he wants!

Want to keep testosterone high and live like a man?

Eat steak and eggs, carry weighted things, do short explosive workouts, be a fighter, sleep, stop watching porn and have sex with women, live a physical lifestyle OUTSIDE the gym!

 If you want to be a man, you need to act like a man, live like a man, and die like a man!

Johnny Grube


  1. You got that fucking right . Weak fucking men out there trying to give advice makes me sick . Red Pill movement is a faggot movement . There ain’t a mother fucking thing Alpha either about the men that right about that bullshit. If they want impress me then get the fuck out and work a real job and do some real fucking training . All they work is their hands. Typing and jerking off .Great article John

  2. Thanks for your morning motivation I just had a bone marrow biopsy waiting for results your ideas keep me on the right track. Stay toughtrain hard no excuses. Have a great day.

  3. FUCK taking steroids. Steroids not only shrinks your balls, but it also fucks up the international organs. Honestly, why the fuck would most men take this shit? It’s like signing a death contract, sacrificing your health for the sake of vanity! It’s insanity. Seems like they don’t care about the big consequences that comes with taking steroids, it just has to happen to them in order for them to stop.

  4. Internal*****

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