Men Were More Durable In The Past!

Men were much more durable in the past, men that built a strong body earning a living through manual labor, weren’t sitting home recovering from a day of manual labor, they were strong and tough.

I can’t expect most to understand this because most never experienced or grew up in manual labor environment!

But, commercial gyms seem to use a shit load of blue collar work like pushing wheel barrows, hitting a sledge hammer on a tire, flipping tires, etc!


If the gym is better for building strength than why do they mimic blue collar labor? Because it works!

I have been on both ends, a laborer, and a weight lifter.

I have know many STRONG men who lift weights, and have know many men who never stepped in the gym embarrass weight lifting strong men in wrestling matches and arm wrestling matches, despite being smaller in muscular size!

You can’t work from home or in an office environment and even have an opinion on this, if you do you are looking at gym numbers and size which can be real misleading!

I have NEVER heard of a  laborer call out of work who was hurt moving their living room couch, but have heard of weight trainers who hurt their back moving a 150 lb couch!

Man should train for useful strength, or what I call “Conditioned Strength”!



I wore a 30 lb Back Pack, 20 lb ankle weights while carrying a 50 lb rock (100 lb total).

Walked a 10 yard course 80 times for about a 1/2 mile.

Holding a 50 lb rock makes breathing hard, ankle weights make it feel you are walking in mud!

This type of training is extremely useful for combat sports like grappling!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    FUCK YEAH!!!


  2. Glen MacCharles says

    This is how you build cartoonish super villain strength.

  3. Nice one MacCharles!

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