Men Who Can No Longer Thrive

Men can no longer handle the life they lead.

Men today make excuses, follow dumb bullshit movements.

No man has ever gotten stronger making excuses.

Men look to others to solve their problems and think they are entitled to others hard work for free!

Men who don’t create, hate the people that do.

Men who run from the traditional family model of raising a family will be forgotten the minute he leaves the earth.

If you aren’t here for something more than just entertainment, why are you still here.

This is why men are so depressed, they live a life of weakness, which is fucking weak.

Men would rather give up and attack others who strive to build strength.

Men like women are addicted to social media, and they seek out others who are weak and running.

Everyone at some point gets depressed, but the strong move on!

I understand being depressed  losing a loved one, but most are depressed from an uninspired life.

I don’t care about others problems, I dug out of my own problems.

Yes, I am stronger then the majority of society, if you hate me saying that, it proves my point!

It’s not my fault, you seek weakness, and look to others to validate your weakness.

You cause your own problems, you created everything you got.

Grow the fuck up, fix your own problems!

Figure it out like strong men do.

Johnny Grube


  1. Could u make artiarticle about cold exposure,if u practice something like that,something tells me that u do…like ice baths or cold showers…im interested in ur opinion about that subject….thanks in advance

  2. Marovsky says

    Painful truth yet to be told.

    Great article Grube!

  3. Men following these Red Pill blogs are of less value. The red pill shit Is CLEARLY sending the wrong message . When I was growing up the way we got a woman was to show interest in her , and also women loved REAL MEN . These little fucking blog boys these days that hate women are no different than gays in my opinion. They all need to suck each other’s dicks and call it a day . Men have truly lost their way

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