Men Who Choose Weakness Are Dishonorable Men!

Men who choose weakness over strength, who choose excuses over personal responsibility, who conform instead of standing for what they believe in, are men who are dishonorable to the men that came before them.

Men continue to lose their way, they continue to fall to the crumbling of society.

No man wants to read about the weak man, how he changed his opinions on the fear of not being liked, how he was so spineless he became so delusional he is no longer sure the gender he is.

Society builds statues to strong men, history forgets the weak man.

Weak men want to destroy all that is strong, and embrace the weak, thinking a weaker society is a moral society!

When did fat people, people with green hair, tattoos, who live a degenerate lifestyle become the moral people in society?

When did women with neck tattoos become feminine and sexy?

When did fat men, women, homosexuals and transgenders become moral?

When did the physically and mentally weak set out agenda?

When did men decide to shut up, and say things like “It doesn’t affect me” or “It’s none of my business”,and you are the exact reason our society is crumbling to the degenerates of society!

Men who have decided to shut their mouths are leaving a country that is looking to destroy the values that build a strong society!

Weak men are a disgrace to their ancestors who were strong, who kept their blood flowing through men who have decided, their ancestors and heritage isn’t worth saving.

Leaving society to die!

Johnny Grube


  1. This website should truly be viral . Although I know you don’t do this for attention but this is the site that NEEDS ATTENTION!!! Weak men need to be exposed . They are a God dam embarrassment to our society. It is common now to see at supermarkets men staying in the cars while sending their wife and kids in . Seen a lady today in the market carrying a huge bag of dog food to the checkout and then seen her in the parking lot loading her car while her fat slob man sat in the car texting on his phone. These fucking men today ate just as you said …. an embarrassment to our ancestors.

    Thank you for always exposing these weak men . Great article John


    John you have to see this . This is a true definition of a weak man

  3. Marovsky says

    Wow, that guy should have obviously toughen up and just move out of his parent’s house for good. Such unbelievable shit right there.

  4. @Marovsky

    Men today are a God dam shame . I’m glad John calls them out


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