Men Who Make Excuses For Low “T”

I said it before, men are estrogen filled because they are weak!

And with the coronavirus proved how weak society has become, men have lost their balls, and it has been proved by the house arrest the country was put on!

If you are a man that out put a #StayHomeSaveLives, you are easily led, and a scared weakling.

Men who cry they have low testosterone and blame the environment for their lack of manliness are making excuses.

Men today are NOT weak because of the environment, they are weak because they are weak!

I grew up with more pollution, more polluted water, air, soil. 

Fuck, we emptied dirty washer water in the field, we changed our own oil in our cars and didn’t worry if it spilled on the ground, we stood under the crop duster, and followed the mosquito truck while it was spraying and drank out of plastic garden hoses that sat for hours in the hot sun, and we lived in homes with flaking lead paint, and asbestos!

We drank water, swam, and fished from streams and lakes that were contaminated with sewer, pesticide run off, dumped pills, old cars, we played in junk yards and garbage dumps!

Men didn’t drink fruit smoothies, weren’t vegetarians, drank beer and smoked cigarettes.

We grew up eating sugary cereal, pop tarts, donuts, bacon,  eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles etc

And men were leaner and had higher levels of testosterone. Why?

Because they weren’t pussies, they fucked women instead of watching endless hours of porn, they raised families, they took responsibility for their lives, no one wanted to hear your problems or your excuses.

Men who never take responsibility, who play the victim, who make excuses are usually weak, and lack testosterone.

Weak men who argue the environment is their reason for low testosterone are weak men who make excuses.

Men who spend more time trying to validate their reason for weakness are weak!

Men were more likely to stand their ground and think for themselves.

We lived forever without carrying plastic water bottles, rode in the car with no seat belts, rode in the back of pickups with no seat belts and rode our bikes with no helmets.

Boys fought their bullies, got their ass whipped at home for fucking up, played sports or other outdoor activities everyday in and out of school in good and bad weather!

Want to be tougher, stop using most of  what makes your life easier, cook your meals instead of microwaving it, walk when you can, be physical everyday, eat better food, stay away from your cell phones most of the day, don’t use plastic water bottles.

I believe cell phones, plastic water bottles, eating for convenience, lack of physical and mental strength are the biggest reason men lack ball juice!


Johnny Grube



  1. What was a normal childhood for people of my age (53 ) would be regarded as borderline child abuse by today’s standards.If some young men today had to go back in time and experience it ,they couldn’t handle it.

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