Mental Toughness Training

Every now and then I like to test myself to see if I can do certain things I don’t
train for. This past week I had to get my car inspected so I got up early and
drove the car to the station to have it inspected.

It usually takes about an hour or so, I always have a book with me so I waited.
The service department told me I needed brakes and it would take a couple of hours.
Instead of calling my wife for a ride home I decided I would walk the 7 miles home.

Walking 7 miles up here in the centre of Pa is different then walking 7 miles in NJ
where I lived my whole life. NJ flat. PA hills. Before I started the walk I put my back
pack on and thought what can I do to make this a tougher walk and a good workout.

I try to stay as active as possible and take almost every opportunity to make an
activity a workout. So I grabbed a rock. Up here in Pa rocks are everywhere. And
I’m not talking stones I’m talking big rocks everything is on the side of a mountain.

So I gabbed a 30 lb rock and started my walk. The rock was rough, dirty, and jagged
but I picked it up and stated walking. My rules were I couldn’t put this rock down
for anything, I couldn’t stop the entire walk. And I could only switch it from hand
to hand or to the shoulder it was to big to grip so it had to be cradled.

Normally you wouldn’t think that this would be that tough. It’s only 30 lbs. Think
about carrying a 30lb dumbbell 7 miles up and down hills keeping it in a curling
position, how long do you think you could go? It took 2 hours to go that 7 miles,
think about carrying 30 lbs for 2 hours.

Training like this can toughen you up. It pushes you to try different things. It
teaches you that if you needed to get things done physically it will get done.

We are so used to using our cars and having people to bail us out but what if you didn’t
have a car or broke down would you be able to get help or would you need to
stay with your car until help arrives? I don’t like feeling helpless.

I remember years ago driving home on a long dark highway at 5 in the morning and
running out of gas, no cell phone, what am I going to do? I got out of the car and ran
about 6 miles home in workboots and insulated coveralls. I had many instances that
my level of fitness and mental toughness has helped me out of a jam.

Don’t take your level of fitness for granted. Don’t think just because your gym fit you
can take care of yourself, it takes real fitness to survive.

Last week I decided to do more burpees in a workout then I ever have, time limit
1 hour, Burpees are brutal I love’em. I had to try this to see how many I could do
805. More mental toughness training. Maybe I like being hard on myself, I like
knowing that if it goes down I’ll be ready.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. If you want these same types of results and only train minutes a day do yourself
a favor and order ” The Wildman Training Course”


  1. I love this!! To actually use your fitness in your every day life. How novel!!


  2. John
    I often think about writing but never seem to get to it. Just wanted to tell you that I always enjoy your advice and comments. You are full of common sense and you make me think outside of the box about fitness. Thanks for putting out such practical information.

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