MMA and The Street Fighter

MMA and The Street Fighter

Every once in a while I like to mix it up and piss a few people
off today it will be about MMA, I know a guy who owns a MMA
school and has kicked out some students because of the
attitude of fighting and lack of discipline. MMA is great sport
if you are training for sport, bring that in the street and be
prepared for an ass kicking.

Unless you can throw hands and feet as well as stay out of
the way you will be thumped and thumped good. In MMA you
learn a multiple of disciplines and it can take years it takes
more than learning an arm bar to win in the street.

MMA has rules, in real life there are no rules; there is
kicking in the balls, punching in the balls, eye gouging, knees
elbows, kicking, punching, head butts, biting, rocks, boards
MMA does not prepare you for any of that, you are taught
to fight in a ring with rules. In real life rules will get you killed
or at least a good ass kicking, and the reason is when you
train with rules and when it comes time to react your mind
goes to what it knows.

And if you are trained to fight with rules you will have a disadvantage
because the other person doesn’t live by your rules or MMA rules they
are looking to beat the piss out of you

Kimbo the biggest street fighting fraud, Here’s the reason
most big athletes don’t grow up fighting it’s because of their
sear size, if they are fighting they are usually starting the
fights, very rarely on the street do you ever see many
big guys throwing punches;  it’s usually average size

Why do you think bigger guys are bouncers?  It’s not
because they are tougher it’s because their size usually
deters people not to start trouble.

I know this because I have known many bouncers that never
ever had to throw a punch in their whole life. The thing that
people have to understand, just like anything if you don’t
practice and practice how will you ever get good at it.

If a big guy grows up never having to fighting what makes
you think that the big guy can even handle themselves.

I’m not talking about thugs that mug old ladies, I’m talking
about men that just like to fight or had to fight for survival;
a person that is fighting to survive is far more dangerous
than someone who likes picking fights.

What works on the street is different than what goes on in a
cage. Want to make it interesting, make the fight a two on one
or three on one in a cage; and watch how your thought changes
and your game plan changes.

I don’t think your first thought will be let me take this fight to the
ground; it will be how I can survive this without being stomped.

I have seen too many fights in cages where the basic “keep your
hands up” rule doesn’t apply, and it almost always leads to a
knock out, on the street if you let your hands down you die.

I have seen way to many weak, glancing punches knock men
to the canvas and even the heavyweight messiah Brock Lesnar
falls when someone hits him with a weak shot as a matter of fact
every time he gets hit he falls, it’s pretty pathetic and despite what
people believe do you think Lesnar ever had to fight in real life
given where he lived and his size?

You can either take a punch or not and in the street men that do
fight often can take a punch, and the men that can’t usually stay
away from fights. When I talk about street fighters I’m not talking
about gang bangers who are cowards and are only tough in packs
and carry weapons.

I’m talking about a man that fights to survive in real life. In real life
you never wait to be hit, you attack, hit hard and fast, know your
surroundings, get out of the way and win at all cost.

Because there is no ref on the street to step in when you get
knocked out and most won’t stop, when you are on the ground
they will put the boots to you, so either be able to take a punch
or don’t get hit.

Years ago when I fought I would fight like I was being attacked
by multiple people and fought like my life was in danger and the
faster and more vicious I was the faster I could move on.

The more you get trained to focus on the fighter in front of you
the more likely in real life you will fight the same way whether
you are fighting one or multiple attackers.

Years ago when I was a bouncer, the week after I quit the new
bouncer let to men fight in the parking lot and one guy had his
ear bit off, not part of it, the whole ear. MMA won’t prepare you
for that.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Wow johnny…
    Thats one hell of a sensible post!!! will piss off a few, but why should we care???

    – Sid

  2. Right on, bro.

    If you mess with me for real, be prepared for a size 14 foot in your nuts!


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