More Meat Eating, No More Vegetables!

Vegans are trying to take over the world!

They are trying to change the way we eat for nothing more than they love animals, fuck those animals!

First I’m a massive reader, have huge library on diet and exercise and have been reading and studying for over 30 years and listen to thousands of hours of audio books a year.

I have been my own guinea pig, done my own research on myself and don’t care if you like it or not, it’s my experience.

A quick story about 22 years ago I ate mostly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds did eat cheese and eggs but RARELY ate red meat!

First it had nothing to do with my love for animals, I have no feelings one way or another.

When I wanted to drop my bodyweight from 240 lbs I decided to go mostly plant based for calorie restrictions and knew it would be fast, and it was!

Losing about 85 lbs in 5 or 6 months.

Before that I always craved meat, loved meat, but RARELY ate it.

When I ate plants and being a blue collar worker I was always fucking hungry.

I thought my body would heal faster from hard training and old weight lifting injuries would heal.

I ALWAYS craved sugar! Was a closet junk food junkie and would have to train real intense to burn off the junk food calories I was shoveling down.

Anyhow I started breaking down about three years ago, physically and mentally, because with physical pain comes mental pain!

I started getting injuries that would NOT heal along with other things I started to notice.

When you work manual labor everyday in pain for years and can’t sleep at night because of the pain and you try everything to heal the pain it becomes mentally draining.

Now, I never missed a day of work from this pain, despite lack of sleep and being in pain just to drive.

About three years ago I decided I needed some changes to my eating and decided to go how I always thrived before I started to read the million diets pushed on society by corrupt doctors, scientists and government as the most healthy diet for everyone.

I think your diet should be one that society has thrived on in the harshest environments ever!

Not everyone lives in a tropical environment to eat fruits and vegetables all year round, in cold climates there is NO vegetation to eat, a vegan would starve in the winter months.

No people ever really thrived on a strict vegetarian diet, but ALL thriving societies eat animal products when they could!

So three years ago I gave up sugar, all grains “sugar”, fruits “sugar” and eliminated all but about five things.

I eat meat, raw milk, cheese, eggs, avocado and even cut back on water depending on my work load.

Hey, when I was a kid in summer nobody carried a water bottle, my grandkids don’ t carry a water bottle when they sweat.

I no longer eat vegetables, but occasionally eat some raisins for my sugar fix.

But I know longer crave sugars, any junk foods ever since eliminating an almost vegetarian lifestyle over 22 years.

When eating vegetables and fruits and drinking tons of water I was always bloated and gassy. Think about how the body doesn’t or can’t digest fiber, if the body CAN’T digest it, should we be eating a lot of it?

When you eat something the body hates it eliminates as fast as possible, if it doesn’t break down you are not getting the proper nutrition from your food.

Don’t show me the massive bodybuilder or strongman who claims to be a vegan, he’s on steroids!

Don’t give me the gorilla argument, their fucking strong not from leaves, their strong because he is a fucking gorilla.

Almost every animal will and has eaten meat in the wild!

In tough times vegans will die faster, if they don’t eat animal products.

Eating these five things I only eat 1 to 3 times a day, most time I eat twice. I not hungry.

Vegans have less kids or no kids not because they don’t want them they are not fertile enough.

Kids can tell you a lot, kids don’t jog they sprint, and they HATE vegetables!

Unless you continually push and threaten kids to eat vegetables they won’t!

But ALL kids love milk, eggs, bacon, meat, chicken etc.

Think how you thrived when you are near when you were younger and played sports were trying to fuck women, and looking for fights, I guarantee if you were a kid vegan you would have been a pussy!

Basically, I train everyday, but less and have actually gotten stronger, leaner and conditioning is still high.

I could right all day about this but I’ m bored, I might write again on this later.

Johnny Grube


  1. Yet, these so called experts say that vegetables have certain vitamins that meat does not have. When I actually did research, there is that important vitamin that meat contains where fruits and vegetables DON’T, VITAMIN B12!

  2. Not all people are the same,for me for example suits best diet of rice,patatoe,any kind of meat,eggs ,vegetables or fruit maybe 2 units a day ….i tried also diet predominantly with plants,i was bloated and had cramps…milk is also not my cup of tee…i work at a construction

  3. Hi Marovsky – I have read that vitamin B12 can form when certain bacteria get to work on vegetables , so I suppose long ago when people were less fussy about food they wold have eaten this bacteria and got their B vits. Today a lot of food is basically sterilised before people dare eat it
    You can get B vits from some yeast products. Ever tried Marmite ?

    In my time I have been strict veggie , near veggie and now eating meat again. Nothing has ever given me digestive or other problems but obviously you must listen to your body.

  4. Did you notice a drop in energy in the beginning when you cut out sugar and grains? I started to eat like this years ago and started to feel weak. I’m going back to this again.

  5. No drop in energy.

  6. Thank you for your response.

  7. >A quick story about 22 years ago I ate mostly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds
    >I ALWAYS craved sugar! Was a closet junk food junkie

    Interesting how you can self contradict.

    >NO vegetation to eat, a vegan would starve in the winter months.

    Scandinavians have always kept root cellars full of pickled root vegetables. Northern cultures practically live on rye and you can see rye fields growing all over northern Europe.

    >No people ever really thrived on a strict vegetarian diet

    Japan under Emperor Saga and several centuries after.
    The Jain culture of India, which lasted over 2,000 and fought wars on a vegetarian diet.
    Shaolin monks.

    >Unless you continually push and threaten kids to eat vegetables they won’t!

    Implying everyone eats disgusting British food.

    >Almost every animal will and has eaten meat in the wild!

    Feed a rabbit meat and it will die.

    Your post makes me want to bodybuild some more on a vegan diet so that you’ll whine about my “steroids”.

  8. You’re delusional. I will keep killing and eating animals.

    India? Ain’t no softer man than a fucking Dot!

    Not to mention India has a massively high rate of diabetes, obesity, and teeth, why? Sugar from a diet high in sugar.

    Healthy nations eat meat!

    Men eat animals. Fags with no balls, no kids, and no women eat rabbit food.

    Meat Eating predators, eat plant eating prey.

    Go away men are talking it’s not for cross dressing sissies.

  9. One minute I’m a roid head and the next I’m a cross-dressing sissy?

    Make up your mind.

    India for diabetes: ranked #44
    Meat eating USA: #44
    Japan: 134 because sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, you utter retard.

  10. Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes? You moron. Every person unless born with it get diabetes from sugar from processed foods which are plant based products you lunatic!

    I had a fat Indian women doctor telling me how she’s is diabetic.

    India has a sky high rate.

    Societies that eat animal products with little processed foods rarely if ever have the disease that countries who live on massive amounts of plant based foods. You do know cookies are considered vegan?

  11. What third world country are you from?

  12. No, it doesn’t retard. India has a rate lower than the US.

    Why would he not be western?

  13. Cookies are vegan now?

    Most cookies have dairy and egg ingredients, besides the sugars in them being highly refined. Have you never cooked in your life?

    Maybe you should open a can of peas for once in your impoverished life. Diabetes comes from being a fat fuck. Being a fat fuck comes from a fatty diet with too many calories.

    I am whiter than Mr. Freeze. Want proof?

  14. “India is a shit hole and weak!” ~ guy copying Indian wrestlers.

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