Most Gym Exercises Are Useless Out Side The Gym

I can’t think of moment that bench pressing 400 lbs will be useful out side the gym.

Guys actually want to get good laying on their back.

In ancient times surviving was their only mission, would you need a heavy shoulder press to survive?

The size of our muscles should tell you the story.

Legs and hips are strongest followed by the back and core, shoulders and arms were for lighter activity.

I stopped training for the sake of exercise.

Training should be for strength, toughness and durability outside the gym.

Ancient militaries were strong, hard tough men, without lifting inside a gym.

Ancient militaries practiced for survival, they wrestled, boxed, sprinted, carried, pushed and dragged heavy weapons and carried heavy gear over rough terrain for miles daily.

In the book “Ancient Olympics” the author wrote:

We can assume that muscular development in antiquity derived mainly from stamina – loaded routines of sparring, sprinting and one – on – one grappling.

My training is heavy on conditioning, one rep strength is rarely used.

I know most men disagree with my philosophy, but I look back on the strongest men I knew, and look the way ancient military men lived.

Think of the rugged frontiers!

Men need a ball sack full of rampaging ball juice to remain strong and to be able to fight and fuck until they die!

The Wildman Burpee

A good workout you can try.

Place a heavy bag or what ever you got to jump over, in front of you.

Now jump over and forward upon landing immediately drop to your chest then explode up and jump on to a stool or small bench.

Walk back and repeat.

The key is to get up as fast as possible.

It’s one of my favorite conditioning workouts.


Johnny Grube


  1. You Have good stuff Johnny. I did recently subbed your Youtube channel & commented on your ” – Prison Training In An Old Prison” video. I’m ashamed to admit my generation (i’m 30 years old by the way) can’t and probably won’t be able to be strong and durable as we get older. Your channel and website blog along with a few other people who I have checked online I get helpful insight from. I tried some of your workouts, they kick my ass. But it makes me want to go after it more. I stopped watching some of the big Youtube fitness personalities because all they do is market themselves and talk about a workout instead of doing it. And when they do it it’s all edited to make it look real extreme and nice. But in my short time that I have been here real world is not like that. Not even close. It wouldn’t surprise me if guys like this got tried after 12 hours of work moving around

  2. Marovsky says

    Fuck yeah!! Going to the gym is a waste of time and money!

    More importantly, FUCK planet fitness!

  3. @Marovsky

    I call it Planet Faggots lol

  4. Everyman I’ve ever known that goes to a gym has injuries . I swear I haven’t known one her that doesn’t have an injury or had one and doesn’t train anymore because they always bring up their injury as the reason why they don’t train anymore . These men wouldn’t last a day in the world of labor . I do dairy work , hours on end a day pushing , pulling swinging milk crates etc . Pulling pallets filled with milk etc with manual pallet jacks . And still come home and do intense bodyweight training . Mainly hitting the Heavybag but I do alot of burpees and shadow boxing as well . There are many weak men that work serving coffee and donuts 8 hours a day and come home and sit on the couch and complain how exhausted they are . Men are fucking embarrassing these days . Great post John

  5. I also do manual labor type of work all day, and also work with a bodybuilder type of guy. This bodybuilder looking dude is such a weak lazy bastard that struggles lifting drums 40 to 100 lbs all day. And i’m much lighter at a 150 lbs that lifts those drums with much ease for a scrap yard company. All I do is only bodyweight exercises.Sometimes I have to help this 240 lbs useless worker fucking hate it. It is embarrasing lol..

  6. Porter, it’s typical. Guys that go to the gym think strength only matters in the gym. And are useless outside the gym.

  7. Tredwell Abrams says

    I completely agree. I have been in the military since 1996. Bodyweight training and weighted ruck hikes for distances over 20 miles is all you need. Burpees, mountain climbers, etc for high reps builds durability. There is no replacement for this kind of strength

  8. Correct Treadwell!

  9. After years in the gym, I have come to the conclusion that the most productive exercises one can do are deadlifts, dips/pushups, and chins for strength, bridges for mobility, and sprints for conditioning. Your blog is a refreshing change from the recycled garbage found on other “fitness” websites that push supplements more than useful advice. Keep it up, brother!

  10. Every exercise you named is all you need, simplicity!

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