Most Men Are Gym Unicorns!

Most of today’s men that go to the gym and actually make progress is as rare as a Unicorn!
Are you training for bodybuilding show?

Strong man competition?
Cross fit games?
Professional fighter?
Are you a professional athlete?
Is your training earning you income?
So why make training and eating SO complicated?
Training hard, without bullshit diets, and spending crazy money on supplements eating real food will give you the same results as the guy spending hundreds of dollars a month!
Old time strong men, laborers, professional athletes etc did okay the natural route.
Training is GREAT and essential for a man!
But most bullshit out there is to get you to spend unnecessary money!
Stop Worrying About The Bullshit and Train!
Johnny Grube


  1. Good to see you back brother . Nailing it as always

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