Most Men Do Slow Road Work, Because Conditioning Is To Tough!

I have spent the last 20 years of my training looking for the most effective ways to build amazing
“Conditioned Strength” and have narrowed it down to a few exercises, probably under 10 and at
some point I might name them, or I might just keep them to myself.

Despite what the “Fitness Culture” would have you believe its a lot easier than most think.

I have read and studied and trained enough over 37 years to know that most exercises are bullshit.

But MOST men train to feel like bad asses! The only thing is they don’t realize that no matter
much time they spend doing curls, looking in the mirror, or trying to build a ripped set of abs they
are still real world weak!

Cry, moan if you want, these guys are exposed all the time, with injuries and excuses, while telling
everyone about their pathetic “Cardio” session

We still have guys who think slow “Road Work” is a good conditioning work out, and all I have to say
about that, “IS THEY WERE NEVER IN CONDITION TO BEGIN WITH” and  when they use
the term “CARDIO” tells me they don’t know the difference between “Cardio” and

But, don’t question these experts it will just piss them off questioning their authority!

I said it before, “Cardio is for dance class, Conditioning is for survival!

Like it or not “Road Work” is not good for anything except “Road Work”.

If you think “Road Work” will help you keep your hands up when can’t
breath think again, hands drop when you can’t breath! And you lose
when you can’t breath!

BUT, the real truth why guys look to “Road Work” is because Conditioning is
harder, sucks and shows their weakness!

Fuck Cardio! Train Conditioning To Survive!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    AWESOME ARTICLE!!!! Conditioning is KING! Keep the awesome articles coming

  2. let me guess:
    superman push ups
    knuckle push ups
    jumping rope
    squats (bodyweight/jumping)
    loaded carries
    step ups
    ab wheel

  3. Here is my list:

    Rope climbing
    pistol squat
    superman push ups
    clean and press
    loaded carries
    push ups (all variations)
    Pull ups (all variations)

  4. BrooklynChuck says


  5. Tony Riley says

    Step ups
    Jump rope
    Prisoner squats
    Box jump
    Ab roll outs
    Push ups

  6. Tony Riley says


  7. Mr. Grube,

    I stumbled across your website a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed most of the content. This is one area however, that I will have to disagree with…to a point. I am a member of a special operations unit and have been serving for over 8 years now. I have worked with some of the most physically and mentally fit people that train not just for survival in combat situations, but to excel. The one thing that ALL of these guys do (including me), is consistent “road work”. Don’t get me wrong, we do a lot of sprints, loaded carries, and high repetition/long duration calisthenics events, but the method of training that supports all of this training is long distance running, swimming, cycling, and rucking. We cross-train at the unit in all of these areas, and doing so has led to great boosts in mental/physical fitness. Sure, a regular guy doesn’t need the volume we do, but I wouldn’t discredit it. The aerobic system fuels all systems and one of the best ways to build it is through long duration cardiovascular efforts. Again, great site and content!

    Best Regards,


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