Most Men Have Given Up!

Men are losing their strength and testosterone from the inactive lifestyles, and the ball neutering at the hands from a man hating society.

More men sit behind a desk than any other time in history, and it is making men soft!

Men now work in co ed environments more than ever before, NOT allowed to act like a man, but a submissive little boy!

Men are NOT allowed to be men anymore, it has become offensive to be a masculine men!

Men talk like they are strong but their actions scream loud that they are pussies!

Men today give up easier, they are fatter, weaker, have less testosterone, are less aggressive, are afraid of women and have less kids!

Men ALWAYS needed strength to be men they are the protector and provider for the family, a weak man’s family would have been in constant danger.

Strong men aren’t afraid of confrontation, speaking their mind, or call someone’s bullshit!

Men have pride, men don’t quit, men fix their situation, men pull their own weight, are held accountable and take responsibility for their successes and failures!

Men DON’T EVER play the victim, they never want a hand out, but might need a hand up.

Never get into the “who’s life is worse” bullshit, it is a waste of time, and neither of you probably have it that bad!

Blaming makes a man weak, makes him want sympathy and a man who wants sympathy is a man of less value!

FUCK society, be fucking WILD, rip shit up, be confrontational, use your body the way it was intended to be used, with manual labor, manual labor built all societies, without strong men, the weak are doomed!

Johnny Grube



  2. BrooklynChuck says

    More men (or should I even call them men) are seeking jobs as security guards, stuck in booths all day buttons on their uniform about to burst due to stomachs and tits bigger than pregnant women. Yet they bitch and complain they need more money, or better house or this that and the third.They are the same weak men that will sit in their booths or at their desk reading the paper passing by the better paying jobs and ignoring them because it is manual labor. Yet they claim they need more money. Real men are not afraid to get their hands dirty PERIOD! Weak men listen to the doubts and this is why they never prosper. Getting nowhere fast, pay check to pay check with no advancements. Weak men have no honor.

  3. Here in England the Government is big on getting the 18-24 year old age group into work. Locally there was a scheme , Network Rail wanted 24 young men age 18-24 to train as railway track layers , 10 weeks training then they’re on £1000 a week plus overtime
    As I said they needed two dozen men , they got TWO
    Today’s young “men ” wont get their hands dirty or maybe chip their nail polish for a grand a week

  4. Wow! What a circle jerk. I’ll come back when the grown men are on.

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