Most Men Train To Be Prey!

Most men post the same videos of the same exercises that don’t really have much real world use.

Strong is always better then weak, and it seems if you train different than everyone else you lose credibility.

Just about ready to hit the BIG 5 0 and still going!

But today the gym culture make everything about proper form or range of motion, even though few people are training for any competition.

I fucking hate being sore, and being immobile, for over 30 years I worked sore or injured because of the gym culture, problem is most men sit on their ass and recover.

Easy to limp to work and sit in a chair!

If you are always hurt, you are prey, while you’re weak you are vulnerable!

But not easy to limp to work to unload 200,000 lbs by hand in 120 degree trailers!

Getting on and off the floor is more important to me, than how much I can squat or bench.

Natural movement, getting up and down, moving, twisting, lifting, climbing steps, etc is hard for most men who spend a lot of time in the gym.

The treadmill is an absolute waste if you are a man, yet men actually drive to the gym to walk, these guys are PREY!

I seen an old truck driver speed walking with nice size dumbbells, maybe 25 lbs, big functional arms, and was walking with the thousand mile stare, all business.

The simplest training, bring the greatest results!

Johnny Grube



  1. I am a predator, you are a predator, we as wildmen are all predators!!!!

    Keep kicking ass John!

  2. I agree, what the hell is the point in always being sore . Shit makes no sense. I’ve had days in the past brutally sore from dumb workouts that made no sense with heavy weight and would honestly be thinking to myself , what the fuck would I do right now if I had to defend myself . I’d be in deep shit. And the walking on a treadmill is just a God dam shame . Don’t even get me started on that one .

    Great article as always John. Hope to see another one soon

  3. @Marovsky

    Predators indeed bro

  4. @Chuck

    Gym rats walking on a treadmill, now that is so fucking embarrassing. Couldn’t they just walk somewhere else or to a path to experience nature? Why drive to the gym so you can walk on the treadmill? There is no logic in that at all! LMFAO!!!

  5. @Marovsky

    That’s hilarious. People walking on Treadmills. What the fuck is this world coming too lol

  6. @Chuck

    Walking on treadmills = Walking the path of shame. Walking to the weak man’s land. No fitness at all. Added bonus: looking like a complete fool.

  7. @Marovsky

    They’ll walk their way right into an ass whipping too if they get into physical confrontation

  8. @Chuck

    LOL!!! YEP!!!

  9. @Chuck
    Last time, I have done sets of 100 push ups, now I am cranking it up to sets of 150! Breaking through barriers each time, getting a stronger and more resilient body than yesterday.

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