Most Men Who Write About Masculinity Are a Joke!

Stop listening to men on masculinity who have no experience aside from reading books, blogs and posting on social media.

Most men start to help others when they have learned to help themselves!

Being in your 20’s and 30’s and being afraid of women because you are a weak man, or being afraid that she will take something you don’t even have, is being a pussy!

Young guys who are on “testosterone therapy” because their weak and soft is also someone you shouldn’t be taking masculinity advice from!

Men that take excessive amounts of selfies are not men who should be giving out manly advice!

Men who are always talking about following your passion, or working for yourself in hopes of finding your fortune, by writing blog posts on masculinity, thinking if a women ain’t a “10” she isn’t worth marrying; are guys who will be lonely porn watching, dog owners!

There are plenty of poor business owners, and rich employees, fuck passion, look for opportunities!

I’m an employee. I like my job. I have supported my family very well for over 30 years, working for someone else.

But I also work on building unusable skills through constant study to be able to earn more money, and when I decide to step away from being am employee I will be ready!

I had a kid at 17 years old and there was no time to look for my passion, I got a fucking job to give my daughter the best life I could give her at that point.

Later I raised three more kids, as an employee who has never been unemployed or laid off!

Bought my first home at 24 years old, and raised my family, it wasn’t about passion it was about giving my kids the best I could.

And I am proud! Proud I stood like a man and raised all my kids, worked hard, and did a good job!

Men who struggled, men who stood strong and never gave up, built families, men who live with honor everyday, men that will never quit, make no excuses or blame others, are who I want to learn from.

NOT a writer trying to corner a niche who is barely 20!

Johnny Grube


  1. Keep on offending them Johnny G!

    That article kicks ass!!

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