My 4 Favorite Iron Core Building Exercises.

I have four favorite Iron core building exercises that will build toughness and durability.

#1 Ab Wheel Rollouts (knees or standing). #2 Flutter Kicks.

Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts & Flutter Kicks.

Ab Wheel Rollouts needs no explanation!

Flutter Kicks is one exercise that Navy Seals do endlessly in BUDS training, and they are tough on the thighs.

#3 Superman Pushups

Superman Pushups on blocks

Superman Pushups are pushups of legend, very tough! Especially if weight is added.

#4 Pushup Plank hold lowered in mid position arms parallel or 90°.

Weighted Mid Position Pushup Hold

All four are serious core builders making the core punch proof.

I will not waste my time with exercises that are for showing in the gym.

When I hear a fitness guy talk about doing 500 crunches in a workout, I think why not just do one and hold the isometric hold for 5 minutes, and he will probably fail.

Most men are looking for a six pack and do every queer exercise they can, they are to stupid to know it’s the diet that leans and gets the body ripped.

All I care about is how tough, durable and conditioned my body is.

If you mange these exercises you will be able to absorb body blows in all contact sports. You will be like a piece of Iron!

Johnny Grube


  1. Interesting article. Since the function of your core is to provide a solid foundation it makes sense to train it with sustained tension.
    I have to admit I can’t do Supermans and the ab wheel gives me lower back pain. Flutter kicks are nasty enough that they must be good for me…and I always rated push-up holds highly.
    I also sometimes do hanging leg raises.I don’t make a point of them but when I am doing a mid-point pull-up hold I might as well do something with my lower body while I am up there. I also do side planks with my upper leg raised to hit the obliques or whatever they are called

  2. Rob, again only my opinion. I have found they bring the quickest results for me. Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts are miss understood. When you rollout you should drop your hips down, it takes pressure off the lower back.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I shall try them that way

  4. hey rob
    what i have found (for what its worth) is the ab wheel makes your back stronger. you have to brace the whole body, flex/round the lower back (not in extension) so its braced and strong.
    i dont hold my breath with this exercise.
    i am not built up to a standing rollout yet, i do reps from the knees.
    i find my back and midsection is much stronger from this one exercise.
    hope this helps.

  5. V, I personally don’t think any one needs to move past the kneeling version because the results are still excellent, I would recommend higher reps though.

  6. Marovsky says

    Ab wheel, strengthens nature’s weight belt!

  7. thank you J.Grube.
    right now i am doing 5 sets of 20 from the knees. i do these after weighted stepups (6 min rounds x8) with vest and dumbells in hand. this combination is pure genius and i picked it up from your blog.
    this particular workout has made me strong, conditioned, and injury-proofed my body.
    thank you again

  8. Hello v .Thanks for the advice .

  9. good choice and nice article!

    can you make a list of your favourite upper/lower body exercises? just out of curiosity.

  10. Great post Johnny, thanks for uploading.
    I’m new to this site so I’d appreciate your recommendations for the rest of the body for a bullet proof ready for anything type of fitness. I’m thinking burpees, pull ups and possibly step ups?


  11. Dave they are all good exercises to do. I really like weighted step ups.

  12. Thanks for the reply Johnny, I’ve recently gotten rid of all my heavy weights and racks so looking forward to seeing results with this way of training.

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