A Short Manual Labor Background.

A lot of people seem to be trying to figure out what type of work I do. Well here it is.

I started working at 12 working for contractors cleaning up and breaking rock, worked
with roofers ripping off roofs and carrying shingles. Moved furniture on and off through
my life as a second job.

Some where right about me working at UPS. But, when I was 17 years old I went to work
for a freight trucking company called “Overnight Transportation” and now is “UPS Freight”
In those years  millions of tons of freight were moved, the feats of strength, wrestling
matches, arm wrestling matches and after work fights were legendary.

Left there and went to work for another freight trucking company doing the same, loading and
unloading trailers.

At one point in a 6 week period I handled by hand over 1 million pounds of
school books, in heat of the trailers well over 100 degrees.

I left NJ for the mountains of central PA a great outdoor training ground.

Now a truck driver for a compressed gas company. I roll, drag, carry, shoulder cylinders
everyday. I posted a couple of pictures, so now you know. Why did I post the info?

People seem to like to know specifics so I figured if you want to know I will give you
quick brief  Bio. And let people know I really am a person that goes to work everyday
at a real job.


Type of truck I drive “Kenworth”



Types of things I move on a daily basis, rolling them, hand truck, shoulder them.


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. Doing that type of strenuous work-even w/o your BW training- would have made you a very strong man, a sort of lean and mean Steve Justa. Who needs a barbell when there are cylinders to lift and push around?

  2. 2 years on a Sheep farm, lifting & carrying. 9 years down a coal mine, 2 years scaffolding, whilst it kept me in trim did nothing for muscle size. Now at 50 years old & doing a mainly office based job, I have to Thai box & circuit train 4 times a week to keep the weight off.
    keep up the good work Johnny

  3. Cool, it is great to see a normal person with a real life and job. And best of all he still works out!!!

  4. I found one of those cylinders in the creek while walking my dog with the kids once. I had it in my backyard for years afterward.

  5. Please teach the rest of these internet honiogals how to write and research!

  6. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on display!

  7. That’s really thinking at an impressive level


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    A Short Manual Labor Background.

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