My Take On Positive And Negative Thinking!

If you call out today’s bullshit, today’s weakness, today’s faggotry you are considered to be negative in today’s backward excuse making society.

Today’s men stand for nothing they are afraid to have a different opinion against what the brain dead masses believe, they always have to qualify what they believe before they actually say it, what fucking pussies!

So who is negative? 

Men with no balls! Men that can’t or won’t stand and fight!

The people who try and trick you into believing they are positive but are the ones who use bad habits to cope in life like using food, booze, drugs, porn, gambling etc.

Today’s so called “positive” people are the ones that cry victim, excuse makers and do nothing to try and change their situation, they follow others who elicit sympathy and love to give sympathy to people who self destruct!

People who post positive things constantly on social media almost are always more likely to be fat, drug or alcohol addicted.

The fake positive people embrace shit people, people who you wouldn’t allow in your house, wouldn’t want living in your neighborhood or around your kids but still idolize them!

These people give ex fatties, prisoners, drug addicts or alcoholics the royal treatment for doing nothing but trying to undo what destruction they caused their families and themselves, these people deserve NO special treatment!

Strength today is considered being weak, being a victim, crying about not getting your own way, throwing a tantrum.

Weakness today is considered actually strength, standing for right and wrong, having values, being masculine is all a sign of strength, what a fucked up reality most live in.

I would rather listen to the man that struggled hard, had adversity and over came his demons WITHOUT becoming an addict!

That is REAL fucking strength!

Men who became addicted to a substance or habit that they know can destroy their lives and families lives are weak and if they really do rebound and pull themselves out is great, but they deserve NO praise!

To me being positive is living in reality, calling bullshit, bullshit and calling others out on their bullshit.

Being positive is continuing to grow, to not give up, to stand what you believe in, to stay away from the bad habits that will impact your life and families life negatively, you are the man and you responsible to protect and provide.

Being positive is not always unicorn and rainbows, being positive is being physically and mentally strong, and leading by example, it’s struggling and never looking to blame others, it’s taking responsibility and fixing your situation.

Negative is being weak, accepting your weakness, blaming others, and embracing other weak people does nothing for strength or or being positive.

Positive thinking and negative thinking comes out in your actions and the life you lead, you can push being a positive person but your actions will always tell your story in the long run!

~Strength ~

Johnny Grube

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