The Warriors Natural Bodyweight

The Warriors Natural Bodyweight

We seem to have a problem determining what our natural
bodyweight should be. If you look at all government charts
look at your height and weight you will get a roundabout
weight you should weigh. But if you look at old charts, let’s
say 20 years ago you may see the weights today compared
to 20 or 30 years ago lower than today.

So, why the change? Because we have gotten fatter as a
nation, so to try and give us a false sense of our bodyweight
they add some extra weight to the charts. But even looking
at today’s charts we are still way overweight, I don’t think
the answer is to keep raising the charts to try to make us
feel better about ourselves.

Some will say people are bigger today than 20 years ago;
we are only bigger in girth not that much in height.

We also live in a time where we have been made to think
big and muscular is the way we should be. Actually, being
big and heavily muscled is also a strain to your body.

The more heavily muscled you are the more you weigh, the
more you weigh the more stress it puts on the body as well
as the heart. The more you weigh the more your heart has
to work to work efficiently.

If you want to know what your real natural body weight would be
you would have to live natural and train naturally. Meaning
the food you eat would be natural. You would eat only when
you were really hungry, you would eat for energy not just to
eat to eat.

You would be active; by using natural body movements like
walking, sprinting, climbing, carrying lifting, twisting, bending,
using no supplements drinking water.

Natural food is – if it walks in a field, swims in water,
grows in the ground or you can pick it off the trees
is natural.

When you live by eating natural and get plenty of activity
this is when your body will normalize it’s self, and only
then will you know what your correct bodyweight.

A natural body is not a flabby body, it’s not a weak body,
it’s not a ripped to shreds abs. The natural body is lean
and functional, it can be pushed farther than thought with
little food and water and with no supplements.

Also because of different body types and genetics you may
never look like a Greek god, some people carry extra weight
in other areas that some do not, that is why you can never
compare what you look like with another body type.

Probably in the last 100 years did we really start caring about
body image, I doubt the caveman really had body image
problems, he was too busy trying to stay alive. I doubt any
ancient warriors really cared about having six pack abs, they
cared about staying alive too.Being a warrior does not require
a bulked up body it takes more of a warrior mind and a fighter’s
functional body. You are the warrior, it’s your body.

We have too much time on our hands, we make health and
fitness a complicated process and it isn’t. It should be a natural
process. We think about food almost every waking moment
and what we focus on we tend to get more of.

The best advice is to eat natural and train naturally, drink
plenty of fresh water and watch your body take you to
your real you and normal self.

Remember, your body will take care of itself if you give
it only what it needs, the body does not need excess.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Great article, Thx!

  2. hey johnny,just wanted to say i agree with most of what you say,ive been training for over 20 yrs and been playing sports since i was little so ive always been active.people eat shit and wonder why they feel horrible and are overweight and have self esteem problems??? i wonder. I am at a stage in my life where i want to be fit and healthy cuz to me thats whats important not how big I can get if i take steroids like so many people do,bought your book a few yrs ago and enjoy some of your more intense workouts from your emails,im 44 and in real good physical shape,at about 160 lbs.recently I tried your prisner squat workout,holy shit is that taxing on the body,but did 100 in 6 mins 13 secs,but could not believe how hard it was,well been doin them now for 3 weeks and worked to a time of 5 mins 3 secs,toughness builds winners,keep up the good work, peace!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Johnny…

    You are very true. I keep reading your mails and articles. I like them very much. Keep doing this great job always.

    Raju, INDIA

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