Natural Energy

Where do you get your energy from? Caffeine or supplements? If you want real lasting
energy you should stop taking the supplements and drop the caffeine from your diet.

Real lasting energy comes from the way you live your life. It comes from the way you
eat, how much you eat, it comes from what you drink, it comes from how you handle
stress and how you exercise.

The better the food you eat the more energy you will have, and it’s a lasting energy, an
energy better then any supplement or caffeine can offer you. And there is no side
effects, just plain old energy.

The one drug that most are addicted to is caffeine. People can’t seem to live without
their coffee. Coffee can really effect your mental and physically health for the worse.

If you read all the books and magazine telling you caffeine can be good for you just
like alcohol. It’s not anything that stimulates the body the way caffeine does to some
people is unhealthy. If it was healthy and not addicting why do people have side
effects? Headaches, anxiety, depression, weight gain and weight loss, confusion,
elevated blood pressure, higher heart rate and dehydration etc.

So if you can become addicted why take the risk. Anything that’s addicting is
never good. If you want real lasting energy eat wholesome food, drink tons
of water get a good amount of exercise and limit stress. These are simple
ways to build lasting energy but they work.

Limit the sugars, processed foods and overeating and you will build a higher
level of energy fast.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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