Navy Seal type training or Gymnastic type training

Navy Seal type training or Gymnastic type training

I guess I look at training differently than the majority.
I look at training as something that can be taken out of
the gym and in to the real world.I want training that is going
to help me survive.

Today’s workout’s focus on training that requires a big
learning curve and to me requires too much time.

Progression training is what everyone seems to be looking for,
things like one leg pistols or one arm pushups. My thoughts
are if you are that inexperienced and can’t figure out the
mechanics of the one arm pushup without someone holding your
hand through the process, you probably can’t do the basic
bodyweight exercises.

I learned progression type training on my own. Years ago
in 8th grade someone asked to see how many one arm pushups
I could do and did 21 one arm pushups and never did any
progressive training,I just trained.

I want to work out, become fit and move on with my day. I
want to be physically fit not gymnastic fit. I want to train like
the elite military not like Bart Conner.

If it offends you, hey that’s just my thought and you can
do whatever you want. Over the years I found I don’t have hours
to spend in the park doing pull-ups or working on things that will
take away from actual training.

I’m really not interested any more doing one or two rep training,
it real never helped me in anything I needed to do, it never helped
me in sports or in work, so once in a while maybe. But for the most
I will stick with basic higher reps for my program.

If you can’t do at least 50 pushups you probably shouldn’t
even be working on one pushups and if you can’t do a least 25
pullups one arm pull-ups are out of the questions.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

Amazon “Ultimate Physical Fitness in 5 minutes” go try it
if you think you can!


  1. Simplest form of progression on pushups is to increase resistance by placing feet on bench or chair so that feet are higher than head: decline pushups.:Like the pushups Johnny is doing with his feet on bench on site. Less strain on shoulder than with one arm. So this way once you reach a certain number of reps you make the pushups harder without wasting time learninig some new technique.

  2. Hi John,
    I totally agree with your opinion on training and all the fitness industry. I only think that sometimes you are a bit dogmatic. As you stated in one of your posts, a weight is a weight. Your body does not know, what kind of weight you are using. It could be an old bag filled with sand, it could be a barbell or even your own bodyweight. And from what I read on your website you sometimes use external weights like weighted vests or cars, that you push. So you are not entirely exclusive to external weights. You just want strength and physical fitness for your everyday living and work. That is fair enough. Other people may have different goals. They want to compete in some sport and have to train specifically for it. Maybe maximum strength is required and that’s what they have to train, like heavy singles for a maximum deadlift in competition.
    I like my variability and therefore I use every tool I can get, be it bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells or sandbags. I use high rep and low rep work, heavy and light weights and all this keeps me motivated and interested.
    However, I like your approach to training and you taking it out of the gym to the backyard and to normal life. Keep up the good work.

  3. You are right Johnny. People only want to “look strong” not be strong.

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