Never Apologize For Being A Man!

Society has been trying to get men to be less like men and more like women
by having men believe into the thought that women are just as capable and
this could not be further from the truth!

Today men and women are supposed to be on equal footing and the only way
this can happen is through government interaction. Women haven’t become
a stronger species all that has happened is men have decided to become weaker
mentally, being sold into thinking women are as capable as men physically.

If women are equal and can do everything a man can do why are they dropping
physical standards in police and fire departments and in the military?

Society has created WEAKER women!

It doesn’t sound like they are equal, it sounds like they will just be given a
trophy for being a women, if they can’t compete with a man physically they
should not be given the job, plain and FUCKING simple! 

If they can not protect themselves how can they protect others?

They start in schools by diagnosing boys with ADD or ADHD and instead
of letting little boys outside to run off this energy they keep them locked in
school all day with very little activity, they are caged animals losing their
minds and acting out like boys do.

Boys are naturally aggressive!

The schools are pushing parents to drug their children scaring them in to
believing they are not focused enough, and are behind in class. They want
the little boys to be little zombies, sitting there completely drugged and these
kids grow up use to being drugged and then move on to becoming adult drug

Today’s man, is soft, fearful and feminine. Trying to be all things to all
people in an attempt to remain popular instead of addressing the reasons why
it became unpopular in the first instance.

Grow some balls and stand up for yourselves. Promote your faith if you
have one.
Promote traditional values to people around you. Don’t just
promote them emptily
live them and be an example to others.

Be the man that people want to listen to and follow.

It won’t be easy.

It’s hard to swim against the current. It takes courage. Forge strong alliances!
Find strength in numbers. Just do something and stop being bullied by the
the people who are weakening society!

Fight and kick ass! It’s natures law!

Build Brutal Toughness!

Johnny Grube

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